August 2021 Lockdown

A South East Queensland Lockdown is in progress. Many of the exposure sites are in this local area (The University, St. Lucia, Indooroopilly, Taringa, Toowong). Please take the time to check the latest exposure sites (one or two were relatively close to the shed).

There is no access to the shed or any paddle activities (including solo paddling or borrowing) during this time. The university of Queensland is under level 4 restrictions (highest) so you should avoid the St. Lucia campus too. This will continue until the lockdown is lifted (see Queensland Health and UQ advice).

All planned club activities are cancelled. These may be rescheduled to a later date.

Once we restart, please use the Qld Government QR code to scan in when visiting the shed (located outside the shed door).

Rescheduled Sem 2 events

A technical issue with the access to the club shed resulted in a number of activities and events being rescheduled (typically a week later than originally planned).

Apologies for the changes, but the website should now be updated.

Lockdown Lifted

The lockdown has been lifted and the club is returning to normal operations. Please wear masks while the state government directives are in place and adhere to the club’s Covid safe procedures. This includes booking shed space for solo paddling and club activities and shed access.

Paddling Suspended during the Lockdown

In accordance with UQ and UQ Sport directions, all club activities are suspended due to the lockdown of Greater Brisbane. This will continue until lifted by UQ Sport (at least until the end of Friday 2nd July).

Solo paddling is also shut down for this period.

Time out to watch some kayaking videos online instead.
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Solo Paddling – Paddle Anytime (almost)

Solo paddling allows club members to paddle (almost) anytime on the river. Members must agree and adhere to covid safe protocols, and potentially act as “covid safe” delegates of the club. A list of what you did to do to become a solo paddler is listed here. Once you complete the solo paddling requirements you will be given access to a key at UQ sport and codes to access the shed and the shed bookings.

Access is subject to government and UQ Sport Covid restrictions which could change at any time.

Booking Shed Access
To go for a solo paddle you must first book shed access time. This ensures you do not overlap with other paddling activities and shed access. Check the list of booked time for the dates and times already booked so you do not overlap (there is a filter box at the bottom of the list). Solo paddlers cannot book more than a week in advance (this ensures access for other activities are not interfered with).

Groups of Solo Paddlers
Up to four solo paddlers can paddle together. They must all be club approved solo paddlers. The solo paddler that books shed time will indicate in their booking if the paddle is open to other solo paddlers (up to 4 paddlers total). They will act as the club’s covid-safe delegate. If you would like to paddle with them you need to contact them directly beforehand.

Contacting Solo Paddlers
Solo paddlers can use their access code to register their contact details via the website. Other solo paddlers can use their access code to look up these details and contact the solo paddler directly if the solo paddler chooses to make them available.

Swim Test Renewals

New and renewing members need to complete their UQ Sport Swim tests.

Many renewing members are due to renew their swim test this year. Please renew close to the start of the year as this will make the club admin a lot easier and reduce the chances of interruptions to your paddling.

Please check the Covid-safe Calendar for Canoe Polo session times when we have the pool booked. Alternatively check with UQ sport for other times (eg weekends)..