3. Swim Test

UQ Sport Swim tests have resumed at the UQ Pool

From 2019 all members must complete a UQ sport supervised swim test before they can participate in on-water activities within the club. It can be done before or after joining.

The test is 400m (8x 50m) and then tread water for two minutes – with no time limit. You can’t touch the bottom. If you aren’t able complete it, you can have multiple attempts.

UQ sport may have a free help program for members to improve their swimming (if they are members of a club), and/or the club will refund your membership if you aren’t able to pass. If you can’t swim remember you aren’t alone. Please take advantage of UQ Sport’s adult learn to swim classes (students have discounted prices).

Canoe club swim tests are held weekly in the evenings at the start of Canoe Polo at the UQ pool when polo is running (during semesters and sometimes between semesters). Swim tests occur just prior to canoe polo, and are supervised and verified by a UQ Sport Pool employee.

For other potential test times please contact the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre (eg by phone). UQ sport also organises monthly swim test sessions.

Swim test details
  • Distance: 400m (8 x 50m) then tread water for 2 min.
  • Time: no time limit
  • Location: UQ pool
  • Heated pool and change rooms available
  • Sessions
    • At the start of weekly canoe polo sessions run in the evenings during semester (or longer ) when the club hires the pool (note that it may be closed to the general public so the main entrance may look closed).
      If you stay for polo, then pool costs apply (otherwise free)
    • Contact the UQ Pool for other potential times. These are organised by UQ sport independent of the club. There are usually more sessions around the start of semester.
  • If you pass
    • Access to club on water activities
    • Access to other UQ clubs that require swim tests
    • They will give you a certificate
  • If you fail
    • Access to UQ sport help
    • More attempts allowed
    • Membership refund if unable
    • Please let us know (and what distance you did complete)
Swim Test Certificate

Please upload a picture of the Swimming Certificate. If you use a tablet or mobile phone you can both take the picture and submit it. If you can, please remember to take a picture and submit it as soon as you get the certificate at the pool. Use this linked form –


We will not give you access to the shed unless we have a copy of the certificate.

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