4. Two Inductions

New and lapsed (> two years) members must attend club inductions when joining.

Attending club inductions increases the safety of members and equipment, and enhances the smooth running of the club. You do not have to attend an induction session before participating in activities on the UQ pool (canoe polo, pool training, and/or swim tests). However, you do need to be a member of the club.

If you are not able to attend induction sessions or there are none scheduled, please request an induction and arrange an alternative time.

We will show you where to find out about trips, social activities and training sessions. Please bring some identification (eg. student/staff card or driver’s licence) and your UQ sport swim test certificate! Put the certificate on your phone now!

  • On-water club induction (for members and visitors) This induction introduces members to paddling on the river including safety procedures and what to do when taking a boat onto the river. You will be paddling on the river during this session. You need to attend an on-water induction before paddling with the club. Club visitors are welcome to attend an on-water induction as a method of trying out paddling, talking to members, and seeing what the club has to offer.
    • Paddle type: Flatwater
    • Bring: Sunsmart gear: Hat, a long sleeved shirt, a water bottle, sunscreen, and dark glasses.
    • Bring: Sensible clothes (you will be climbing in and out of boats) and suitable footwear.
    • Duration: ~ 2 hrs depending on numbers (or a bit longer if no-one is in a rush)
  • Off-water club induction (for members) This induction covers the general procedures of the club, the rules of the club you agreed to when you joined, and the way the club operates.
      • Ask for a chair if you want one!
      • Duration: ~1 hr

    Members will not get access to the shed until they have attended both inductions, although they are permitted to paddle with official paddle sessions for a limited period after completing an on-water induction and swim test.

    Register for/ request inductions here

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