Member River Paddling Sessions

Members who have access to the club shed can go paddling on the river in their own time. If they wish, they can advertise to other members the date and time that they plan to paddle on the river near the shed. These advertised sessions are listed here, and members may register for these below. If a suitable session is not listed, these members can create and advertise their own (bottom of page).

Note that this is a work in progress….. it may not be working yet!
(being adapted from solo paddling)

Advertised Members’ River Paddle Sessions

Who has Registered for these river paddles

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Register for an Advertised Member’s River Paddle

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If you need to contact the member (phone / email), please check here to see if they have made their contact details available to other members.

Create a Member River Paddle Session

If you don’t see a suitable paddle session and you have access to the shed, you can create a suitable session below to advertise to other members.

If you can’t make a paddle session that you advertised, please return and submit this form again with the same time and name. Select “Cancelled”, so others are aware you will not be there.