Covid Paddling v5

The club has now inactivated its covid plan (Mid-May 2022).
The club now follows UQ and government advice best summarised on the UQ covid information site. Additional controls are included in event risk assessments (where necessary).

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Historical Covid plan V5 Information

In order to paddle during the Covid pandemic, we need to have additional measures in place. Procedures are approved by UQ Sport, and it is important that members adhere to them to ensure appropriate management of the Covid risk.

Steps to become a Solo paddler

You will not get access to the shed to do your own paddling until the following are complete

  • Financial member (successful payment) and online membership form complete
  • Off water and on water inductions complete
  • Completed UQ sport swim test, and certificate uploaded to club
  • Completed the club solo paddler declaration form and uploaded to the club

Once complete you will get access to the shed via a key and notification of the shed door code and the password to paddle schedule form.

COVID Paddling Documents

  • Solo paddler Declaration form – PLEASE SIGN.
    Members who wish to paddle on the river in an unsupervised paddle must complete the solo paddler declaration and submit it here.
Upload Solo Paddler Declaration

Steps to become a Covid Group Paddle leader

  • Group paddling – Members who wish to lead group paddles must complete additional paperwork and training. Please email the enquiries email for further information.

  • All Solo paddler steps
  • Completion of additional leadership training including online training certificate.
  • Written permission from the club committee accepting you as a group paddle leader.