2. Joining the Club

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The club is located in UQ building 30, next to the river.

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Important: Ordinary (annual) membership of the Canoe Club is renewable at the end of each year regardless of when you actually join. Please see the more limited durations of Semester memberships.

  1. Fill out a membership form and pay the membership fee
    When you fill out the online membership form, you will need to
    1. agree to the club waiver and to the club rules.
    2. make an online payment (prices in the section above) into the club bank account (details are in the online membership form). If necessary you can pay at a physical bank, and complete the form afterwards. Paypal payment is also an option.

      Fill in the online membership form
  2. New and lapsed members (over two years):
    Register for two club inductions
    (below). Renewing members do not have to re-do the inductions unless they have not previously completed them, or are renewing after over two years absence. All members are welcome to come and refresh and/or help out.
  3. Complete your swim tests as soon as you can.

Once you have completed all three steps, you will be granted access to the shed, and will be ready to sign up for trips and potentially go for a river paddle whenever you want – depending on your abilities and confidence.

Attending club inductions increases the safety of members and equipment, and enhances the smooth running of the club. You do not have to attend an induction session before participating in activities on the UQ pool (canoe polo, pool training, and/or swim tests). However, you do need to be a member of the club.

If you are not able to attend induction sessions or there are none scheduled, please request an induction and arrange an alternative time.

We will show you where to find out about trips, social activities and training sessions. Please bring some identification (eg. student/staff card or driver’s licence).

Steps To Becoming a Member







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