Booking Shed Time For Solo Paddler Access

To access the club shed for paddles outside of club events and activities, you must become a solo paddler. Details are here.

Club approved Solo Paddlers can reserve shed access times using this page (below). This is the maximum time you will be accessing the shed. First check existing bookings below, before reserving times. Solo paddlers should not book more than one week in advance (this leaves space for potential club activities).

Use this form to reserve access time for –

  • solo paddling
  • borrowing/returning gear for club or private trips
  • admin access.

Shed Bookings

Please sort by date to check the shed is not already booked for the date and times you are interested in.

Refine the list (eg using the target date) using the filter box at the bottom of the list. Rotate your phone if necessary.

If a booking is listed twice with the same person and one is marked “CANCELLED” and no other non-cancelled booking is listed under a different name, then the time slot is available.

If there is a solo paddle booked and the listed delegate has indicated they will accept other solo paddlers (max four per group), you must contact them directly beforehand for their permission to join as they need to manage numbers. Check here to see if they have made their contact details available.

Solo Paddler Shed Access Booking Form

If you can’t make a date please return and submit this with the same time and name, but with “Cancelled” selected, so others can use your time slot.