Previous Committee 2019-2020


President: Henry Friend
Vice President: Paul Bowtell
Treasurer: Darren Bennett
Secretary: Siti Abdul Khalid


Sea Kayaking: John Simmons
Flatwater: Clayton Young
Whitewater: Henry Friend
Canoe Polo: Paul Bowtell


Equipment: Benjamin Liang
Membership: Steff Linde-Balko
Publicity: (Vacant)
Fundraising and grants: Callum Finglas
Social: Hwee Ng
Internet: Martin Wynne

If you would like to become more involved in the operation of your club then please consider volunteering to fill any vacant roles, and contact the club secretary

Return to Paddling

The club is re-commencing paddling on the river. These sessions are run in accordance with the club’s  UQ Sport approved return to paddle policy. These paddle sessions are run by club approved leaders with a COVID Safe Sport Coaches & Officials Certification and who are familiar with the club’s associated policy and procedures.

The flatwater or canoe polo sessions are each run fortnightly (for now – are in consultation with UQ sport for a little more often), and are two hours or less long and limited to no more than ten people (including the leader).

Session types
There are two disciplines that run independently as equipment is not shared. Flatwater sessions on the river or Canoe polo river sessions.

Sessions are subject to a number of conditions that participants are required to adhere to (detailed in the registration process), including social distancing, sanitisation, online covid sign on logs and participant risk.

The first session is scheduled for Saturday 22 Aug from 8 to 10 AM, and additional sessions will be posted on the calendar.

The calendar and associated registration information is located on this page.

Membership Renewal in 2020 (Covid)

Membership renewal for 2020 is complicated by the advent of Covid-19 and the temporary cessation of club activities. The constitution limits what the club can do, but the main concern is fairness to members.

We don’t know how long we will be in hibernation in 2020 (and this may vary). Currently we are working with UQ sport to restart basic activities soon – prior to semester 2.

The club has undertaken to reduce the membership fee next year (2021) proportional to the 2020 hibernation period for members who rejoin for 2020. This way the the time you cannot paddle in 2020 due to covid will be offset in 2021.
This means members who rejoin for the full year in 2020 will not lose out. Indeed it is the most cost effective way to rejoin over the 2020/2021 period.

Renewal fee options approved by the committee include

  • Renew for the full 2020 year with the fee offset in 2021.
    Your membership fee in 2021 will be reduced proportionally based on the final 2020 club downtime due to Covid-19.
  • Rejoin once second semester commences
    If you are planning to rejoin in 2021 it will be more cost effective to join for the full year, and have a reduced fee in 2021.
  • Potentially refund first semester 2020 (eg for a semester 1 only memberships).

We hope to restart BEFORE second semester
In 2020 membership will be initially limited to existing and former members (not new members), while we manage the introduction of Covid adapted paddling activities.

Rejoin now
so you will be ready to get back on the water as soon as we restart.

Covid Update

Dear Members,

We hope everyone is adapting to the changing way of life whilst we combat COVID-19. Firstly, we’d like to thank our members for your understanding whilst normal club operations have been paused; our volunteer committee has welcomed your support whilst we navigate through this period of uncertainty.

Like many organisations and institutions, UQ Sport has made the informed and safety-conscious decision to halt all club activities until at least June 30, to flatten the curve of coronavirus infection. As such, UQCC will continue with our “hibernation of activities” for the duration of Semester One in line with UQ Sport requirements. Whilst this may be distressful for some members, we would like to highlight the importance of following social distancing measures and being stringent with your health – only together will we get through this period.

As such, the committee will look favourably upon refund requests for semester one members, which are to be sent to the club president by email. To assist all current members, the committee will be providing a proportional fee discount for next year’s membership (to be calculated in line with the duration of the hibernation period) to the current 2020 members.

We appreciate your understanding in this uncertain time and urge all members to put their health and wellbeing as a priority in these trying times. Should you have any questions, please contact the committee.

Stay Safe,

Henry & The UQCC Committee

Polo and Pool Training Calendar 2020

Next General POOL Training Sessions (Fri 13th and Fri 20th Mar)
Experienced members please come along help out at the General training sessions at the UQ pool, on the first few Friday evenings of each semester at 6:00 PM. (see below for dates). Entry is free if you help and/or teach in the training sessions. Note that these two dates are not canoe polo as such, They are aimed at basic paddle skills and learning to use the smaller boats. It’s a chance to complete the swim test and become comfortable with the wet exit technique. They are not open to non-members unless invited specifically.

Canoe polo will be every week at the UQ pool during semester other than pool training sessions. Long sleeved shorts required (as per polo safety rules). See calendar below dates and any variations.

Next Polo Sessions

Semester 1
  1. 6th Feb – Weekly Polo Training
  2. 13th Mar – General Pool Training I and Swim Tests
  3. 20th Mar – General Pool Training II and Swim Tests
  4. 27th Mar – Weekly Polo Training
  5. 3rd Apr Weekly Polo Training
  6. 10th Apr – Weekly Polo Training
  7. 11th Apr – Weekly Polo Training
  8. 17th Apr – Weekly Polo Training
  9. 24th Apr – Weekly Polo Training
  10. 8th May – Weekly Polo Training
  11. 15th May – Weekly Polo Training
  12. 22nd May – Weekly Polo Training
  13. 29th May – Weekly Polo Training
  14. 5th June – Weekly Polo Training

Polo may continue, depending on numbers over the semester (TBA).