Membership Renewal in 2020 (Covid)

Membership renewal for 2020 is complicated by the advent of Covid-19 and the temporary cessation of club activities. The constitution limits what the club can do, but the main concern is fairness to members.

We don’t know how long we will be in hibernation in 2020 (and this may vary). Currently we are working with UQ sport to restart basic activities soon – prior to semester 2.

The club has undertaken to reduce the membership fee next year (2021) proportional to the 2020 hibernation period for members who rejoin for 2020. This way the the time you cannot paddle in 2020 due to covid will be offset in 2021.
This means members who rejoin for the full year in 2020 will not lose out. Indeed it is the most cost effective way to rejoin over the 2020/2021 period.

Renewal fee options approved by the committee include

  • Renew for the full 2020 year with the fee offset in 2021.
    Your membership fee in 2021 will be reduced proportionally based on the final 2020 club downtime due to Covid-19.
  • Rejoin once second semester commences
    If you are planning to rejoin in 2021 it will be more cost effective to join for the full year, and have a reduced fee in 2021.
  • Potentially refund first semester 2020 (eg for a semester 1 only memberships).

We hope to restart BEFORE second semester
In 2020 membership will be initially limited to existing and former members (not new members), while we manage the introduction of Covid adapted paddling activities.

Rejoin now
so you will be ready to get back on the water as soon as we restart.