Previous Committee 2011-2012


President: Peter Kilby (Cora Skaien until 9 Feb 2012)
Vice President: Vacant (Michael McLaws Sep 2011 – March 2012)
Treasurer: Michael Wynne
Secretary: Roberta Field


Sea Kayaking: Greg O’Keeffe
Flatwater: Vacant (Danielle Wallace until Apr 2012)
Whitewater: Breck Felsman
Canoe Polo: Jason Kho (Matt Rowland until Apr 2012)


Equipment: Dave Mathews and Breck Felsman (Matt Rowland and Breck Felsman until Apr 2012)
Membership: Peter Kilby
Publicity: Karena Pryce
Fundraising and grants: Sarah Wheatley
Social: Karena Pryce
Internet: Martin Wynne

This committee retired 23 May 2012, during the AGM