Urgent – Shed Flooded (pictures) – Cleanup time

An urgent cleanup session is organised for Sunday 16th January from 9 AM. We need to clean the mud before it dries. Please could members come along and bring equipment.

We hope as few people as possible were affected by the floods, and that those who were affected can recover quickly.

Unfortunately, the club shed was severely flooded, like much of the University. It was almost completely covered. The doors are intact, so we should therefore have retained much of our equipment (and hopefully there is only mud and little debris). The pontoon appears to have joined the hundreds in Moreton bay.


Everything will be covered in mud, and we need to clean this off before it sets hard.

Please could anyone who is able, come along and lend a hand tomorrow morning (Sunday) from 9 AM to help clean up the shed and gear. We would really appreciate any help and equipment you can provide, so we can get things back in order for the new year.

PLEASE – if you have any of the gear listed below, bring it as it will be needed

Clothes to wear
– Gloves (essential)
– Long trousers/jeans
– Gumboots (with socks) or good boots/shoes (essential – no sandals etc) – essential
– Sunscreen, hats, and bug spray.
– Protective glasses/sunglasses are helpful

Most useful Gear – please bring any you have
– Gurneys/power washers (especially petrol ones) are invaluable if you can get them
– Big nylon bristled brooms
– Shovels
– Squeegies
– Wheelbarrows
– Hoses (higher the pressure nozzles the better)
– Connectors to join multiple hoses together
– A scrubbing brush, sponge, and bucket
– First aid kit
– Extra food and drink as needed (there will be some sausages, bread, water, and snacks available)

Hope to see those that are able to get there tomorrow, and wish everyone else the best with their cleanups, and those of their friends and families.

125-UQCC 15-1-11 600.jpg
The club shed after the flood (to see inside before and after it was cleanup up, click here ).

126-UQCC pontoon 15-1-11   600.jpg
What’s left of the pontoon


27th January Update : A few more pictures have emerged of St. Lucia during and after the floods

A satellite picture of the St Lucia campus. Note the boat shed, UQ sport reception, and the UQ pool. This was taken after the water had receded a bit.

133-2011 flooded UQCC boatshed animated.gif
An aerial picture of the University and the boat shed under water

135-Flooded UQ campus from air Jan 2011.jpg
The rest of the campus from the air.

136-UQ boat shed flooded Jan 2011.jpg
Here’s the boat shed (rowing club end on left) during the flood

137-UQ boat shed after floods Jan 2011.jpg
Here’s the same end of the shed after the water receded

138-UQ Pool flooded Jan 2011.jpg
The UQ pool during the flood (where we play weekly canoe polo during semester)

139-UQ pool after floods Jan 2011.jpg
The pool after the water receded – yum!

140-UQ sport building.jpg
UQ sport reception building. Some gyms were affected.


27th January Update : Many parts of river were affected. Here are a few pictures of areas some of you may be familiar with

Downstream from Wivenhoe dam flood gates. For those who have paddled on the dam, or who have been to the adjacent area downstream used for introductory whitewater sessions, or who have used the adjacent area as a put in point for weekend river trips or the start of the BV100 race.

Nearby, on the road to Wivenhoe dam, the Fernvale leg of the river has changed a lot

College’s Crossing, downstream from Mt Crosby, after the flood. Those who have set off on river trips from here will see how hammered it is and appreciate the force of the water.

Think about this picture in the context of Karana Downs which is nearby, and was hard hit. The Karana District kayak and canoe club is only 4.5 km downstream from College’s Crossing in Kookaburra park (known to many as the first put in point of day two of the last BV100 race). Their club shed was completely washed away.

Read the flood recovery status page for updates.

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