Sale of Flood damaged Boats

The insurance claim has progressed and we are looking to sell badly damaged boats for salvage value as organised with our insurers.

Sunday 5th June UQ Canoe Club Shed

Warning: All kayaks are sold “As Is”. They were all submerged in floodwaters heavily contaminated by sewage and other offensive material. The university cleaners indicated that they were unable to adequately clean all permeable material (lines, fabric seats, neoprene seals, etc) and also structural foam. As a consequence the university and the club was not able to guarantee their safety for our members. The costs of replacing structural foam (and some parts are no longer available) was greater than new kayaks and our insurer is replacing them. Under no circumstances are the club or its representatives responsible in any way for consequences of their use and defects they may have. The buyer takes full responsibility for the consequences of their use, and is also responsible for cleaning, sanitising and ensuring that the kayaks are safe before use.

If you are still interested in doing something with them come and look.

Sale of kayaks

  • 11AM – 12 PM : Open to 2011 financial members* (must be financial before a deposit is made)
  • 12PM – 1 PM: Open to non-financial members
  • 1PM BBQ
  • 2PM UQ Club AGM – only financial members may vote. No Sales.
  • 3PM Sale of damaged boats open to non members (eg members of other clubs)

The insurer has agreed to replace most of our Sea kayaks and all of our white water and polo kayaks. The insurer is coming to inspect and put a price on the kayaks this week. They are not expecting much so this will be a flood damage sale with prices starting at $100. We will be handling the payment and purchases on their behalf and expect a deposit of 20% and then payment by close of business on Monday 6th or loss of deposit.

White Water and Polo Kayaks
Most of these kayaks are serviceable but heavily contaminated. These kayaks will not be safe for use on white water or for polo without the structural foam. This should be replaced or the kayaks used for other purposes (eg basic kayak instruction on flat water) after other flotation is provided.

Sea kayaks and Surf Skis
In addition to contamination of the foam bulkheads, many of the Sea Kayaks and Surf Ski’s were severely buckled. While this appears to have largely popped back out, the areas will be weakened to varying degrees. In addition there may be damage to the structure and bulkheads as well as to the hatches in some of the kayaks. In addition to replacing rigging lines, seals, and permeable seating, buyers are advised to replace the bulkheads or possibly seal them off with false waterproof tightly sealed material on each side. They might be suitable for river or estuary use, but we would advise against their use in rough conditions or in surf.

* Note that during the times where financial members can buy boats, they can only buy for themselves or on behalf of other financial members, similarly for non-financial members during the non-financial time slots.

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