Upgrade your Flatwater skills: TKs to Ks

If you’ve been paddling the TKs for a while, and feel like its time to try moving up a level, now is your chance. For a limited time, an experienced K1 paddler is willing to help club members move from their regular TK boats to the top level K boats.

This is a great chance to increase your skills and balance (useful in all disciplines). How fast can you really go? Don’t miss out.

Until the end of Semester 2, 2011

Saturday Mornings

Meeting dates: See schedule (below). Sessions are demand based.
Group size: Limited to 3 people (max) per session. First in first serve, or pre-arrange with the organiser.
Duration: 1 hour
Paddle type: Flatwater
Location: University of Queensland building 30 – UQ Canoe club boat shed
Address: North river end of Sir William MacGregor Drive, St. Lucia

Training and skills development aimed to move you from TK kayaks to K1 kayaks.

Switching to better kayaks will let you get a lot more out of your river paddling, more out of your training, and help prepare you for future club events.

Next Sessions (check here beforehand as times and dates may change)

  • Saturday 08th Oct, 2011 @7:30 AM
  • Saturday 15th Oct, 2011 @7:30 AM
  • Saturday 22th Oct, 2011 @7:30 AM
  • Saturday 29th Oct, 2011 @7:30 AM

What to bring
A towel and a change of clothes (just in case…), and your logbook if you keep one.
Note: there are warm shower facilities within the shed complex (if you need them).

Contact/Organiser: Please email Wei with enquiries, to register, and/or with expressions of interest.

LM: Oct 11