Club pontoon mostly available for use

The contractors have given us permission to use the club pontoon. We will not be able to access it when they are working on it.

The pontoon will be closed on the following dates when additional work will be undertaken.

Until the repairs are complete, please take care when using the pontoon. In particular, be careful not to scrape boats (or limbs) on the various sharp edges and corners on the pontoon. They will be fixed soon.

Pontoon work items and dates

Item: Aluminium tracks to be installed beneath the rollers on the pontoon platform
Will be installed on the 11/010/11

Item: A second ladder to be installed
Will be installed on the 11/10/11

Item: Carpet to be extended over the current ‘super-fender’, for protection of the speed boats using the pontoon
Will be installed the week of the 17/10/11

Item: Pillows to be installed to level the pontoon as discussed on inspection
Will be installed on the 11/10/11

Item: Protection to be installed at the edging leading onto the canoe/kayak launching platforms – the middle and outer joins of the platforms to the pontoon itself, are to be included also
Will be installed on the 11/10/11.

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