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Contact Information for General Members

Some club members are actively involved in organising activities within the club. In such cases, the club can supply an associated email address. These are listed here.

Email addresses
Please append @uqcanoeclub.net to the email name shown below (in green italics).
For example, an email of spam becomes "spam@uqcanoeclub.net". Sorry - this is to reduce spam...

Name: Ross Darnell
Email: Ross

Name: Simon Hales
Email: Simon

Name: Russell Yuan
Email: Russell

Name: Caitlin Johns
Email: Caitlin

Name: James Monkivitch
Email: JamesM

Name: James Rae
Email: jamesR

Name: Eddie Safarik
Email: Eddie

Name: Jane Baker
Email: Jane

Name: John Simmons
Email: Simmo

Name: Kelly O'Hagan
Email: Kelly

Name: Liam Byrnes
Email: Liam

Name: Matt Rowland
Email: Matt

Name: Michael Wynne
Email: Michael

Name: Martin Wynne
Email: Martin

Name: Paul Melloy
Email: PaulM

Name: Peter Voght
Email: Peter

Name: Rosalind Bark
Email: Rosalind

Name: Wei Jun
Email: Wei

Name: Jonathan Wong
Email: Jonathan