Canoe Polo Local Interclub Competition I

A multiweek interclub canoe polo competition (three Friday nights). Suitable for both beginner and advanced players – or just come as a spectator to support the club. Hosted in Indooroopilly by Brothers canoe club.

BEGINNERS WELCOME (and encouraged!)
Some games are aimed at beginners – The beginners game starts at 6:30 PM (on water!). There are no club teams in this game.

If you live nearby and want to support the club, please come along

Dates: Friday evenings – 26 May, 2nd June, 9 June

Meet: UQCC canoe shed on Friday night to either pick up the trailer on pack the cars.

UQCC Club organiser: Paul Bowtell (polo rep)
Host club: Brothers Canoe Club

Cost: $10 per player (single cost). This is a one off cost which will cover any or all of the three Friday nights. Although this will cover all three nights there will not be any discount for attending fewer than three. We want to encourage everyone to attend as many as possible. And reduce complication.

Ambrose Treacy College is located in Indooroopilly, and can be accessed via Kate Street or Twigg Street. The pool can be easily seen from both streets, having a blue shade cloth cover.
Parking: restricted to the car park areas, and although there will be a couple of “official” cars parked on the approach to the pool. This is not a parking area, as it also acts as a driveway to the kindergarten beyond.
342-Brothers Pool Map (indooroopilly).jpg

Game Calendar and Plan

  • Each team will have two games each week.
  • The blue coloured games are designed for “beginners” or “juniors”. These games are for anybody new to the sport and has limited skills yet, or is not confident. There will be some modification of the rules – mainly no pushing.
  • The red coloured games are for those more confident or those wishing to extend themselves a little.
  • Brothers 1,2 and Springfield each have one night will a long delay between first and second game. Sorry, this cannot be avoided as University will not be able to field a full team until 7.30 due to work issues. In any case this would always be the case for at least two teams.

Brothers intend to field one team in the “beginners” games. Springfield and Uni are encouraged to bring any players at the start of their career, or not comfortable to play in the higher division for any reason to play in this grade (you will see a “combined B” team). So, if you have beginners who just want to have a go in an easy environment, please encourage them to come along.

Please note the following MOST IMPORTANT change from all previous competitions in Queensland.

We have a new scoring system, which will start all games automatically.


Under the rules of canoe polo penalties apply to a team unable to make the start time. This is 1 goal for each minute late. This rule WILL be applied. If the teams leaving the field are too slow on exiting the pool, and delay the start, a similar penalty will be applied to their subsequent game.

What this means is that everyone can plan their evening, and that the games will all be completed by 9.30. We can then pack up and be gone by 10.00pm.

In order to get this all working, you should plan to be at the pool at least 15 (preferably 30) minutes before you are scheduled to start.

6.30 to 7.00 Brothers B vs Combined B Brothers B vs Combined B Brothers B vs Combined B
7.00 to 7.30 Springfield vs Brothers 1 Brothers 1 vs Brothers 2 Springfield vs Brothers 2
7.30 to 8.00 Brothers 2 vs University Springfield vs University Brothers 1 vs University
8.00 to 8.30 Combined B vs Brothers B Combined B vs Brothers B Combined B vs Brothers B
8.30 to 9.00 Springfield vs Brothers 2 Brothers 1 vs Springfield Brothers 1 vs Brothers 2
9.00 to 9.30 Brothers 1 vs University Brothers 2 vs University Springfield vs University