Market Paddles

From time to time the club organises a social paddle to the West End Markets. We typically have some coffee and/or brunch. Some people will go shopping (eg. fruit and vege – there are may other things available). We can usually watch some live music and otherwise socialise. A great chance for new members to meet other new and old members and find some paddle buddies.

Distance: ~6.5km
Grade: 1
Duration: 2 – 4 hrs (depending on how long we spend having coffee and/or shopping
Paddle Type: Flatwater
Boats: Any kayak you can make the distance in (and something to transport any purchases!)
Other gear: Sun smart clothes. Shoes you can walk around the markets in. Money for purchases. Bag to carry things. ?Dry bag to bring them back.
Meet: At the club shed at the specified time. Alternately go by car/bike and we’ll meet you there.
Date & Time: This page only has general info. Date and meeting times are on the upcoming events page, and also within the pop-up on the events calendars or main page,
Destination: West End Markets

Destination: West End Markets

Come along and learn how we do this so you can go in your own time. The markets are open every Saturday morning.