River Paddling

Going for a paddle on the river? Are you happy if someone else comes along, or you are looking for a paddle partner? Maybe someone else is planning to paddle around the time your want to? Let others know by submitting to this virtual paddle board.

Want to join someone? Add your name with the same date and time.

Only for paddles from the club shed. Check the calendar for upcoming paddles.

Access code – The access code is the current shed code.
If you do not have this, please contact membership as it usually means there is a problem with your current membership. Never give this to others if they don’t have it.

If you would like to be alerted when someone places a paddle, an RSS newsfeed is here (code required).

Please support the regular weekday and weekend paddle sessions.

Paddle Board

Click on the dot under the date for more info. Click on that for full info.
To change by year: click on the outer < > | To navigate by month click on the inner < >


Note that the paddle board will only work if members use it – especially regular paddlers.

Advertise Your Plans or Join Someone