End of Year Market Paddle

It’s the end of the year and a chance to see club members before the Christmas break and say goodbye to those who are leaving.

Fahed is one of our regular paddlers who has been with us on many trips. He is now returning home, and this is a chance to see him off.

Time: Sat 9th December 2023
Distance: 6.5 km
Grade: 1
Duration: ~ 2-4 hrs
Bring: some dollars for money and/or shopping
Paddle type: Flatwater
Gear: Any kayak you can make the distance in
Meet: At the club shed 7:00 AM (early start to beat the heat)
Destination: West End Community Market, West End.

Registration: Not required, but it will reserve you a boat! 🙂

Leader / Registration: Callum

Event ID: 231209F

Event organisers and leaders: Check registrations here (copy the event ID first). Login required.