Southbank Night Paddle with Dinner

A night paddle to Southbank with a dinner stop. We will meet at the shed at 5:30 PM, get our boats and gear ready and start paddling with the current. It is about 7 km to Southbank, with the tidal assistance we should arrive at about 7 PM. We leave the boats at the pontoon and grab some food (you are welcome to bring your own). No alcohol is allowed.

We can start paddling back after the tide has turned (8 PM or later) and should arrive at the shed at 9 PM and then wash the boats and gear.

Please bring at least two white lights (no red etc.) and a glow stick. Those lights can be headlamps, front bike lamps etc that will be tied to the boat and/or your PFD. The lights are important so other boats are able to spot us on the river. More info about night paddling is here.

  • Distance: 15 km
  • Low tide: about 19:00 PM at Southbank (18:26 PM at Brisbane Bar)
  • Sunset: 17:13 PM
  • Moon: it is five days after new moon, the moon will set at 21:09 PM, so we will have not much moon during the paddle
  • Meet at shed: 17:30 PM
  • Leave shed: 18:00 PM
  • Leave Southbank: 20:00 PM
  • Back at shed: 21:00 PM
  • Southbank Night Paddle with Dinner
  • Finished: 21:30 PM

Event ID: 220506F

Leader/contact: Steff

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