Murwillumbah Overnight

An overnight trip paddling Clarrie Hall Dam and then the Tweed and Rous rivers.

This is an alternative to the Noosa Trip where the Upper Noosa river areas were closed due to bushfires. It is also the alternative to the three day Stradbroke island weekend (cancelled due to poor weather forecasts (wind)).

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We will paddle Clarrie Hall Dam on Sunday (16 km), then spend the night camping at a caravan park in Murwillumbah before paddling the Tweed and Rouse rivers on Sunday (23 km).

We will take a combination of Rosco, sturdy TKs, and sea kayaks. Tides will mostly assist on Monday in the rivers, but these will not be strong (neap tides). We should be sheltered from wind for the most part.

Sun: Clarrie Hall Dam

On Sunday we will drive down to Crams Farm Reserve on the south end of Clarrie Hall Dam where we’ll put in. We’ll then spend 2 hrs exploring the western side of the dam until we get to the dam wall where we will get out and have lunch below the dam wall (~ 1 hr). We’ll then paddle back along the eastern side of the dam, exploring until we return to the put in point.

Clarrie Hall Dam

This is an unusual dam as it is an unusual shape and most sides are steep and forested, with many area to explore. There is a lot of water plants on the dam, and we will paddle around these.

Sunday Schedule

  • 7:45 AM Depart shed
  • 9:35 AM – Meet at Tumbulgum for quick coffee (10-15 min)
  • 10:30 AM – Arrive Cram’s Farm Reserve
  • 11 AM Depart and explore left hand side of Dam
  • 1 PM Noon – Lunch at Dam wall
  • 2PM depart and continue exploring left and side of dam
  • 4 PM Arrive and Pack
  • 4:30 PM depart
  • 5 PM Arrive camp site (Green Hills Caravan Park, S. Murwillumbah)

Level and Algae alert Check: 93%. Algae rating Green (Blue-green algae detected. Water safe for domestic, stock and recreational use.)7:00 AM Meet Shed & load boats

Clarrie Hall Dam Route map
Clarrie Hall Dam Put in / Take out point (Crams Farm Reserve
Mon: Tweed and Rous River paddle

We will paddle from Tumbulgum up to Murwillumbah along the Tweed river. We will cross to the Rous river via Mayal Creek (a channel just east of Murwillumbah), and then return to Tumbulgum after entering the Rous river.

297-Tweed river Rous River - route map.jpg

Tweed and Rouse Rivers Route Map

Monday Schedule

  • 8:15 AM Depart campsite
  • 8:30 AM Arrive
  • 9:00 AM Launch and paddle up Tweed River
  • 11:00 AM Enter Mayal Creek
  • 12:00 PM Enter Rous
  • 12-1 PM Lunch – along river or paddle 1.2km upstream to Pat Smith Alf Colefax Park
  • 1 PM Paddle to Tumbulgum along Rous River
  • 3 PM finish
  • 3:30 PM depart for Brisbane
  • 5:30 PM Arrive UQ
  • 6:00 PM Go home
298-Tweed Rous River - Tumbulgum - access map.jpg
Put in / Take Out point (Tumbulgum)
Cnr Riverside Drive and Fawcett St., Tumbulgum NSW
Paddle TypeFlatwater
Start Date6-10-2016
End Date7-10-2016
Trip days2
Paddle days2
Trip LeaderMartin Wynne
2ICSiti Abdul-Khaled
Grade1 (note that the distances are a little longer than grade 1, but there will be some tide assistance. If you are note sure of these distances (or you do not know), then this trip may not be for you).
Distance(s)Sat: 16 km
Sun: 23 km (some tide assistance in first half)
* Tweed River (8.8 km)
* Mayal Creek (4.5 km = to bridge (3km) + to Rous (1.5 km))
* Rous River (9.2 km)
Paddle Duration(s)Sun – 4-5hr
Mon – 4-5 hr
Tide(s)SUN (n/a)
Murwillumbah Bridge
* LOW 7:07 AM
* HIGH 12:42 PM
* LOW 7:39 PM
Rous River (Brooks Rd)
* LOW 7:42 AM
* HIGH 1:17 PM
* LOW 8:14 PM
MoonHalf moon on the 6th October (neap tides)
Sunrise – Sunset timesSunrise: 5:22 AM
Sunset: 5:49 PM
Put in / Take Out PointSun
* IN / OUT: Crams Farm Reserve
* LUNCH: Clarrie Hall Dam wall (east)
* Tumbulgum (end of Fawcett Drive)
* LUNCH: Dulguigan Road access next to Rous river, near north exit of Mayal Creek
Departure time (put in)Sun: 11 AM
Mon: 9 AM
Alternate Route VariationsSunday
* Explore the inlets less and take a more direct route.

* We may go 1.2 km up the Rous river from Mayal Creek for lunch at Pat Smith Alf Colefax Park (cnr Urluip Rd and Dalguigan Rd), depending on progress
* Return via Tweed river
Alternate Take Out PointsClarrie Hall Dam
* exit at the dam wall

Tweed river
* Condong pontoon
* Budd’s Park Southern side of Tweed river at Murwillumbah

Mayal Creek (Channel)
* Queensland Rd Bridge
Rous River
* Alf Colefax Park (cnr Urluip Rd and Dalguigan Rd
* lunch site (Dalguigan Rd)
FacilitiesPublic toilets at Crams Farm
Toilets / showers / water etc at Campsite
Toilets at Tumbulgum
Greenhills Caravan Park
488 Tweed Valley Way,
South Murwillumbah, NSW, 2484,
Telephone: (02) 6672 2035
Route Maps
UQ Club Shed to Tumbulgum (Click for directions)
Tumbulgum to Clarrie Hall Dam via Camp Site (Click forDirections)
Crams Farm Reserve Route Map – final part
Nearest Medical Help
Murwillumbah District Hospital Ewing Street, First Floor (Adjacent to front Entrance of Hospital), Murwillumbah, NSW 2484 ( 000 or (02) 6672 1822 )

Risks and Management

Sea Kayak Risk Assessment
Club risk assessment on request.
✓ Algae;
✓ Animals and Plants (major injury);
✓ Animals and Plants (minor injury);
✓ Bad Weather / Weather Change;
✓ Boat Traffic / Shipping;
✓ Capsize;
✓ Carrying Boats;
✓ Cuts, Sprains, and Strains;
✓ Dehydration;
✓ Drowning;
✓ Enter / Exit Boat;
✓ Equipment Failure;
✓ Fitness / Fatigue;
✓ Getting Separated from Group;
✓ Heat Exhaustion / Hyperthermia;
✓ Hit by Paddle;
✓ Hypothermia;
✓ Ineffective Rudder;
✓ Medical Condition(s);
✓ Missing / Broken Paddle;
✓ Paddle Related Injuries / Tendonitis / Blisters;
✓ Panic / Fear;
✓ Rocks and Submerged Objects;
✓ Separation from Boat;
✓ Sinking Boat;
✓ Strainers (Overhanging Trees / Mangroves / Fishing Lines / Structures);
✓ Sunburn;
✓ Tripping while walking;
Travel Risk Assessment
Club risk assessment on request.
✓ Becoming Lost;
✓ Breakdown or Breakdown in Remote Area;
✓ Chemical: Unleaded Petrol;
✓ Drowsiness while Driving;
✓ Incident or Accident while Driving;
✓ Injury from Loading / Unloading Equipment from vehicle;
✓ Loads Falling from Vehicle or Trailer, or hitting occupants in accident;
✓ Towing Trailer;
Risk Management
Paddler Requirements✓ Conditions can be calm, but can change dramatically with winds and tides contributing significantly to this.
✓ Paddlers must advise leaders if they have health issues or injuries that may affect participation. Ensure medication is carried and is accessible. If unsure, they should check with their doctor beforehand.
✓ Participants must be familiar with, and have demonstrated, a wet exit while a member of the club if using a spray deck.
✓ Participants need the skills for the grade for the trip, unless modified below (Additional Comments).
Emergency Contact Information* Emergency 000
Nearest Medical Help and ContactsMurwillumbah District Hospital Ewing Street, First Floor (Adjacent to front Entrance of Hospital), Murwillumbah, NSW 2484, Australia
Ph: (02) 6672 1822
Also see map (above)
Safety and Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment (check link)✓ Clothing you can get wet (on the water);
✓ Dry clothing (to keep warm);
✓ Equipment Requirements for Grade;
✓ Food adequate for trip duration;
✓ Footwear suitable for paddling, swimming and extra for on land;
✓ Paddle clothes to protect from cold/wind (e.g. thermal/spray jacked or cag);
✓ Review potential equipment;
✓ Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, long sleeved paddle clothes, sunscreen, etc);
✓ Water – 3L per day (4L if camping);
✓ Water and snacks accessible while paddling;
Kayak Equipment✓ Dry bag;
✓ PFD and paddle;
✓ Paddle tie;
✓ Pump, sponge, bailer, and paddle float;
✓ Suitable paddle craft
✓ Whistle;
Safety Equipment✓ First Aid Kit;
✓ Hand Pump (at least 1 per 2 boats);
✓ Paddle Floats (at least 1 per 2 boats);
✓ Repair Kit;
✓ Rescue Stirrup;
✓ Spare Paddle;
✓ Torch / Glow stick;
Communications✓ Flares;
✓ Mobile Phone;
✓ Signal Mirror;
✓ V-Sheet;
✓ Whistle;
Additional or Emphasised Equipment * tents as we will be camping.
* Sleeping mats and Bags
* Cooking gear, although we will probably eat out / get takeaway on Sunday evening
* some cash in case!
Check of Paddlers’ Equipment✓ Bailing Device;
✓ Footwear (covered);
✓ Medication;
✓ PFD;
✓ Paddle Leash;
✓ Suitable Craft;
✓ Sunsmart Gear;
✓ Water;


Boat Loading
6-10-2019 7:00 AM
Boat Loading LocationClub Shed
Boat Loading DetailsWe will pack boats and gear the morning of the trip.
Meet LocationClub shed
Meeting Time (meet location)7:00 AM
Depart Time (meet location)7:45 AM
Meet time (put in)11 AM (Sun) and 9 AM (Mon)
Go Home Time6 PM (Mon)
CostsAccommodation: 1 night about $10-$15 each
Petrol costs to driver (cash)
Wear and tear cost ($5 per day – bring cash!)
Money for coffee, local cafe and/or restaurant food.


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