G1: Pumicestone Passage Weekend

A weekend trip along the inside of Bribie island from Bongaree in the south to Caloundra in the North, camping on Bribie and Mission Point.

Please don’t leave it to the last minute to register as we have to book campsites and organise the logistics.

Part of “Bribie month”


Weekend 24th & 25th October 2015


Bribie passage is a scenic wilderness area with plenty of bird life.
The trip will commence at Bribie Bridge soon after 11am (a little before low tide) and paddle up the passage with the tide past Toorbul, Gallagher’s day use area, and Donnybrook. We may stop at one of these (e.g. Toorbul or Gallagher’s). We will camp at Mission Point where there are toilets.

We will depart early Sunday morning at 8AM to take advantage of the tides, and explore the fish breeding reserve of Tripcony Bight where there are good views of the Glasshouse mountains. Then we will paddle past Long Island and the mouth of Coochin Creek.

Paddle outline

Saturday 24th October

  • 6:300 am Meet at club shed to pack boats, trailer, and gear.

  • 7:30 am Depart for Bribie Island

  • 9 am Arrive Bribie Bridge to unload/pack kayaks and then do car shuttle

  • 11:30 AM Paddle commences

  • ~1 PM Lunch, on the beach along the way

  • ?Snacks and ice creams at Donnybrook if time

  • 3-4pm Arrive Mission Beach and set up camp

Sunday 25th October

  • 6:30 am Breakfast

  • 7:00 am Break camp and pack boats

  • 8 am Depart Mission Point

  • 9:30 am Snack break near mouth Coochin Creek

  • 10:00 am Possible short exploration of Westaways creek (ideal tides

  • 11:00 am Depart Westaways creek for Caloundra

  • 1pm Arrive at Caloundra island picnic area for lunch

  • 2:30 pm Depart for Take out point

  • 2:45 pm Arrive Take out point pack cars

  • 3:30 pm Depart for Bribie Bridge

  • 4:30 Depart Bribie Arrive at club shed

  • 5:30 Arrive at club shed

  • 6:30 Head home for dinner


293-Pumicestone passage route.jpg


Two days

Paddle type

Sea Kayaking




35 km over 2 days (15km + 20 km) (with prevailing wind and tide)

Paddle duration

4-5 hours on Sat and ~7 hours Sun . Includes lunch, stops, and rest periods during kayaking


Brisbane Bar H6:33AM L12:38PM H6:50PM H7:28AM L1:41PM
Bongaree H6:33AM L12:23PM H6:50PM H7:28AM L1:26PM
Donnybrook H8:09AM L 1:34PM H7:50PM H8:28AM L2:37PM
Coochin/Hussey H7:09AM L3:34PM H8:54PM H9:32AM L4:37PM
Caloundra H5:05AM L11:08AM H:5:22PM H6:00AM L12:10PM

Tidal differences from Brisbane Bar – via Willyweather

  • Bongaree H: +0:00; L: -0:15
  • Donnybrook: H: +1:00, L: +0:56
  • Coochin/Hussey: H: +2:04, L: +2:56
  • Caloundra H: -1:28; L: -1:31


Approaching full (spring tides) on Tue 27th


Sunrise 5.04 AM; Sunset 6.01 PM

Put in point

Beach north of Bribie bridge, 11:30 AM

Take out point

Car park at Military Jetty, Cnr Esplanade Golden Beach and Raleigh St., Pelican Waters. site at ~2:45 PM

Alternate take out points

  • Donnybrook or Toorbul

  • Coochin Creek mouth.

  • Roy’s road boat ramp

Alternate route variations

May partially explore creeks along the way (Coochin or Westaways creeks)


There are toilets available at Mission Point but no other facilities. Bring Clothes, Tent and Camping gear, 3L of water per day, enough food (Two lunches, one evening meal and one breakfast – snacks while paddling ) for the full trip!

Personal Gear

Hat, kayaking gear, sunscreen, food. Towel and warm dry clothing. As required for grade of trip. Also see this full list here for guidance (use common sense as you won’t need it all!)..


Wear and tear contribution for club gear (about $10/day depending on what you use). Petrol money to your driver, camping fees $6 – $12, and a few extra dollars in case of coffee stop or unplanned expenses.


UQ Club shed

Meet time

6.30 AM to pack cars, gear and trailer), Depart for Bribie Island 7.30 AMAM

Meet time at Bribie Bridge

9 AM to unload boats with trip briefing at 11:15 AM. Depart 11:30 AM.


Load kayaks onto trailer and depart Caloundra Creek by 3:30 PM. Return to Brisbane by 5:30 PM

Risks and Hazards

Sunburn, fatigue, hypothermia, dehydration, Sea sickness, cuts and bruises, Boat capsize, Boat traffic, Tendonitis, Paddle induced injuries, wind and current (weather), group separation.

Safety Gear

Split paddle, tow ropes, paddle float, whistles, compass, PFD, bailer, Sea kayak with deck lines and sealed compartments, hand pumps, PLB, V sheet, flares, mobile phone(s), First aid kit, chart., torch,

Emergency Contact(s)

VMR Bribie Island Ph: 07 3408 7596

Medical Conditions

Please advise leaders if you have health issues or injuries that may affect participation

Required preconditions

  1. Demonstrated wet exits and sea kayaking T rescues (on the pool)

  2. Able to maintain speed of at least 4km/hr (club shed to green marker and back)


Minimum 4 and up to 14 people (including leaders) depending on skill mix of participants, and sufficient cars to transport paddlers and kayaks.

Map Launch Point

291-Pumicestone - bridge put in.jpg

Map Take Out Point

292-Pelican Waters Military Jetty Take out point.jpg

Register info

Register your interest early, even if you have not yet met pre-conditions and are not sure if you can make it yet so we can see how much interest there is and estimate numbers to book camp sites etc. As far as possible it will be first come first served . (subject to the need for sufficient able paddlers and transport for people and kayaks). There will also be a wait list in case of cancellations. You will be required to confirm that you want to come by Wednesday 22nd October when we will look at numbers and contact you. You will need to confirm that you can meet the preconditions by Monday 20th October or your place will be offered to someone else.

Please give some indication of your skills level to assist planning. It will not be fun if you are not up to it.

Register by

Wednesday 22nd October 2015, and after that contact Martin to see if space.

Bad weather alternative

The passage is relatively sheltered and with following tides and wind we will only cancel if winds are too strong. A more limited trip in the sheltered creeks and narrows is also possible

Trip Leader(s)

Martin Wynne with Pierre Lemaire (2IC)

Event ID: 151024S

Event organisers and leaders: Check registrations here (copy the event ID first). Login required.