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We will have three individual days of guided paddles on the Nymboida river in NSW and return each day to the Nymboida Canoe Centre camping ground.

A day trip exploring the upper Brisbane river for potential white water introduction sites.

The club is looking at a potential upper Brisbane river introduction to whitewater paddle this semester.

A trip whitewater paddling in the Surf (depending on water levels). Getting on this trip and out of town could be the smartest thing to do for the G20 holiday!

Swiftwater rescue training (not on water). This is a rare chance to learn some more advance whitewater theory and practice. If you have any interest in moving water don't miss it!

Spend your Anzac Weekend doing whitewater day trips to the Nymboida river or its surrounds.

Spend your Easter weekend on a multiday white water trip down the Nymboida River.

A 2 to 4 day weekend on the Clarence river (grade 2).

An introduction to moving water and whitewater techniques. A day trip to the Brisbane valley to find out if whitewater is right for you.

Additional events being planned or considered at the moment.