Macleay Island and Karragarra Island

Launching from Victoria Point we will head directly to Macleay Island for coffee and then cross to Karragarra island before returning to Victoria Point via the “Secret Garden” through Garden Island.

We will be leaving from Victoria Point heading to the southern point of Macleay Island along the western side. We will stop at the ferry ramp at Macleay island and walk up the hill for coffee/lunch. After this we will cross to the beach/picnic area at the ferry ramp at Karragarra island. We will have coffee/lunch at either Macleay or Karragarra, depending on the interests of the group.

Event ID: 210320S
Route map for Macleay, Karragarra and Garden island trip

The return paddle will be via the protected channel between Garden Island and Macleay Island. Following lunch we will return along the Eastern side of Garden island, crossing through the “secret garden” channel to the western side and then paddling north to Victoria Point.

Bring a Cag (rain/wind jacket) in case it gets cold when we stop for lunch.

Paddle TypeSea kayaking
Start Date20-03-21
End Date20-03-21
Trip days1
Trip LeaderMartin Wynne
2ICJohn Simmons
Distance(s)About 17 km with tidal assistance. Depending on weather, the trip can be shortened by returning to Victoria Point directly and avoiding at stop at Karragarra.
Paddle Outline6:30 AM Drivers and loaders meet at shed (if we load equipment in the morning instead of the day before (TBC). If not involved, make your own way to the put in point.
7:00 Depart Shed (for those loading equipment beforehand)
8:00 Arrive Victoria Point.
8:30 Launch from Victoria Point
11:00 Stop at Macleay island
12:00 Paddle to Karragarra
12:15 Lunch at Karragarra island park
1:00 Return
15:30 Arrival. Wash, then pack gear (this means those returning gear to the shed just have to put it away.
16:15 Depart for Brisbane
17:15 Drivers arrive shed and wash gear
17:30 – 18:00 Finish
Paddle Duration(s)About 6 hrs (including lunch)
Tide(s)Brisbane Bar ( add 20mins to these times) Low 7:46 (0.84m) High 12:44 (1.81m) Low 19:40 (0.8m)
MoonNearing neap tides
Sunrise – Sunset timesSunrise 05:51 Sunset 17:59
Put in PointVictoria Point Boat ramp on northern end of reserve (Access via the end of Colburn Avenue Victoria Point)
Take out PointSame as Put in
Departure time (at put in)8:30 AM
Alternate Route VariationsReturn to Victoria Point direct by the way we came.
Alternate Take Out PointsIf needed, we can exit at Redland bay (boat ramp south of the ferry terminal). The landing points on Macleay and Karragarra are also ferry loading points. The ferry can be caught back to the mainland.
FacilitiesToilets, water and shops (not shops at Karragarra) near the put in point and stopping sites.
Put in / Take out: Victoria Point (near VMR). Left at the end of Colburn Avenue.

Risks and Management

Sea Kayak Risk AssessmentUQCC Sea Kayaking Risk Assessment (full assessment on request)
✓ Animals and Plants (major injury)
✓ Animals and Plants (minor injury)
✓ Bad Weather / Weather Change
✓ Boat Traffic / Shipping
✓ Capsize
✓ Carrying Boats
✓ Cuts, Sprains, and Strains
✓ Dehydration
✓ Drowning
✓ Enter / Exit Boat
✓ Equipment Failure
✓ Fitness / Fatigue
✓ Getting Separated from Group
✓ Hit by Paddle
✓ Hypothermia
✓ Ineffective Rudder
✓ Medical Condition(s)
✓ Missing / Broken Paddle
✓ Paddle Related Injuries / Tendonitis / Blisters
✓ Panic / Fear
✓ Sea Sickness
✓ Separation from Boat
✓ Sinking Boat
✓ Sunburn
✓ Tripping while walking
Travel Risk AssessmentUQCC Risk Assessment (full assessment on request)
✓ Becoming Lost
✓ Breakdown or Breakdown in Remote Area
✓ Chemical: Unleaded Petrol
✓ Drowsiness while Driving
✓ Incident or Accident while Driving
✓ Injury from Loading / Unloading Equipment from vehicle
✓ Loads Falling from Vehicle or Trailer, or hitting occupants in accident
✓ Towing Trailer
Risk Management
Paddler Requirements✓ Conditions can be calm, but can change dramatically with winds and tides contributing significantly to this.
✓ Paddlers must advise leaders if they have health issues or injuries that may affect participation. Ensure medication is carried and is accessible. If unsure, they should check with their doctor beforehand.
✓ Participants must be familiar with, and have demonstrated, a wet exit and T-rescue (in a sea kayak) while a member of the club.
✓ Participants need the skills for the grade for the trip, unless modified below (Additional Comments).
Emergency Contact InformationVMR Victoria Point (3207 8717). VHF 16, Also 000
Nearest Medical Help and ContactsRedland Hospital 3488 3111
Redlands Clinic 3207 7299
Bay Islands Medical Service, Macleay Island 3409 5434  
Safety and Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment (check link)✓ Clothing you can get wet (on the water)
✓ Dry clothing (to keep warm)
✓ Equipment Requirements for Grade
✓ Food adequate for trip duration
✓ Footwear suitable for paddling, swimming and extra for on land
✓ Paddle clothes to protect from cold/wind (e.g. thermal/spray jacked or cag)
✓ Review potential equipment
✓ Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, long sleeved paddle clothes, sunscreen, etc)
✓ Water – 3L per day (4L if camping)
✓ Water and snacks accessible while paddling
Kayak Equipment✓ Dry bag
✓ PFD and paddle
✓ Paddle tie
✓ Pump, sponge, bailer, and paddle float
✓ Sea Kayaking Required Equipment List
✓ Spray Deck (if you have never used one tell the leader before you register!)
✓ Suitable paddle craft (sea kayak if seakayaking)
✓ Whistle
Safety Equipment✓ First Aid Kit
✓ Hand Pump (at least 1 per 2 boats)
✓ Paddle Floats (at least 1 per 2 boats)
✓ Repair Kit
✓ Spare Paddle
Communications✓ Flares;
✓ Mobile Phone;
✓ Signal Mirror;
✓ V-Sheet;
✓ VHF Radio;
✓ Whistle;
Additional or Emphasised EquipmentAdhere to Club Covid Plan (v5)
Dress for the outdoors
Bring wind/ rain proof cag/ jacket and fleece to change into as it could be cool if you get wet.
Footwear suitable for paddling, swimming
Minimum 2 litres water for drinking
Food / Nourishment for the duration of the trip. MORNING TEA and LUNCH
Check of Paddlers’ Equipment✓ Bailing Device;
✓ Footwear (covered);
✓ Medication;
✓ PFD;
✓ Paddle Leash;
✓ Spray Deck;
✓ Suitable Craft;
✓ Sunsmart Gear;
✓ Water;


Pre-trip Meetingn/a
Boat LoadingEither 19-03-2021 at 5:00 PM or more probably 6:30 AM on Sat 20-03-2021 (TBC)
Boat Loading LocationClub Shed – drivers and loaders. Organised via email.
Meet LocationClub shed (loaders or drivers) or at Victoria Point.
Meeting Time (Shed)20-30-2021 at 6:30 AM or 7 AM sharp (if loaded the day before).
Depart Time (Shed)7 AM
Meet time (put in)8:00 AM
Go Home Time4:15 pm from Victoria Point (ETA to club shed 1 hr)
CostsWear and tear contribution (~$10)
Petrol money for your driver
Money for coffee/lunch etc on Macleay and/or near put in/ take out point.
Additional Comments/InstructionsAdvise trip leader of any medical conditions beforehand.
Do not come if feeling any cold like symptoms (or have been in contact with a hotspot) as per club Covid Plan.
Need to stay in a group.   Paddlers should have an appropriate level of fitness.
Individuals must self-assess their, and their equipment’s, ability to participate in this level club event and should consult the trip leader if any aspect of their suitability requires clarification.


Register with: Martin Wynne Leader Email Address Location: Member Contacts Page
Register by: 18-03-2021 Event ID: 210320S

Event organisers and leaders: Check registrations here (copy the event ID first). Login required.

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