Whitewater introduction day

[Cancelled 14 March site inaccessable] Basic whitewater kayaking techniques at Wivenhoe dam. Your chance to try a bit of whitewater kayaking. Calm water, moving water, and one very optional grade 2 rapid. Don’t miss out. Good for other kayaking disciplines.

[14 March] Unfortunately this trip is cancelled
SEQ Water confirmed the spillway area is still closed and will be for the forseeable future.

They are still in the planning stage (so it’ll probably be ages before they start work).

Note this trip is tentative. Wivenhoe dam area may not be accessible.
The date may change and is preliminary.

Try to take advantage of the basic paddle skills and training you learned in the pool or on the river beforehand.

This is your chance to learn how to paddle the exciting sport of
whitewater kayaking. The Wivenhoe trip is a beginner trip, and is only 80 km from Brisbane city. It has one class two rapid, plus a small amount of reliable moving water, flowing into a big flat section.
We aim to teach people things like breaking in and out, general safety, a
little about river features as well as general boat control skills – especially in moving water (useful in flatwater and sea kayaking too).

It’s a great trip to find out if whitewater is for you.

Date: Saturday, 24 March 2012
Duration: All day
Destination: Wivenhoe Spillway (*if accessible*)
Paddle type: Whitewater kayaking
Numbers: Max 13 people [tentative] – book soon
Pictures: Pictures from a previous introductory day

Additional Requirements (see bottom of the page):

  1. No experience necessary– the club has all the gear you need
  2. Bring your logbook (school exercise book)
  3. Prior bookings are essential

What to bring

  • Bathing suit. The water will be cold, and you will get wet (i.e. swimming). Bring swimming clothing that will keep you warm (eg thermals or wetsuit). Avoid wearing cotton as it will not be effective in keeping you warm when you are wet.
  • A towel and a change of warm dry clothing for afterwards.
  • Footwear that can get wet (not thongs)
  • Lunch (we’ll be stopping at the Fernvale bakery on the way up if you want to grab something there – there is no food available at the spillway)
  • Water – more than enough
  • sunscreen – water resistant

Cost: $10 donation toward boat maintenance is the norm, plus petrol money for your driver.
Weather: The rain won’t stop us – we’re planning to get wet anyway.
Transport: If you can drive, and take passengers, or take boats (ie have roof racks), please contact the trip organiser with how many passengers (excluding you), you have room for. If you require transport from the boat shed, please contact the trip organiser. If you have a medical condition or something else that you think should be known about, please let the organiser know.
Meet: 7:30 AM at UQ Canoe club boat shed (building 30) (departing 8:00-8:15AM)
Return: Approx 3:00-4:00 PM
Contact/Questions to: Breck (whitewater rep)

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