Shed closed due to the Floods

Due to the floods, the club boat shed is closed (the pontoon is also lost) and there is no access to club equipment and gear until further notice.

The shed is sealed off pending a review of its structural integrity. In addition, the pontoon was washed away in the floods so there is no river access for boats (we are working on alternatives).

Boats and gear is NOT available for any kind of use as they need to be more fully assessed for insurance purposes, and also in regard to their integrity and safety.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all those club members and their friends who came along for the clean up last Sunday. You can see what a great job was done by the before and after photos. An extra thank you to that person who drove up from the Gold coast with his ute and trailer filled with ice and bottled water and gave it away to the people working in the area. It acts like these that are the things we remember well after the event. Thanks too to the UQ staff who provided the water trailer and the fire truck, to the city council for providing more bottled water, and we really appreciate and thank Dominos pizza (Taringa) for providing free food.

129-aftermath 2.jpg
The water rose up above all the boats and the door level – about a foot above the top boat rack

130-aftermath 3.jpg

Everything was covered in the thick mud that so many people in Brisbane have come to know so well. The photos don’t do it justice.

132-the big guns.jpg
This water truck and another fire truck helped a lot after the shed was cleared

131-End of day.jpg
After the clean up. There is still a lot to do!

The club has lost some gear through damage, but we will recover and we are exploring the insurance issues with the help of UQ sport.

Please note that UQ sport is closed until February while they undertake the huge task of cleanup and rebuilding.

Anyone who has been into the University and St Lucia over the past week will appreciate not only the scale of the cleanup, but also the remarkable speed with which it has been done, and the huge ongoing effort by residents, staff, students, and volunteers from the public and other universities.

Please spare a thought for other canoe clubs including the local West End and Indooroopilly Canoe clubs who were also severely affected by the flooding. Further up the river, the Karana Downs area was very hard hit, and their canoe club lost their entire shed. Both Sandgate canoe club and the Queensland sea kayak club members have been willing helpers in the clean up efforts.

For more pictures of the shed during and after the flood, look here.

Read the flood recovery status page for updates.

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