Rejoin and Reconnect – Back to the water

The club is slowly getting back to the water after the floods. This Saturday the 21st May, we will have our first river paddle. This is for members from the past couple of years who have renewed for this year.

The club is not yet taking on new members, although new members who have experience will be allowed soon. We have only a very limited number of boats available (some have been kindly lent to us by Queensland Canoeing). A few others are now cleaned and repaired, and we have purchased a limited number of new PFDs. This means we can do some limited paddling while we wait for decisions from the insurers.

Regular, albeit small, river paddle sessions are commencing from Saturday 21st May. The schedule is here.



Hazards – There may be submerged debris in the river. The Brisbane River was heavily contaminated during the floods. Bacterial levels have fallen in the main river to levels that are not considered dangerous, although the recommended levels for total safety have not yet been reached. Levels in the creeks are still high and all creeks should be avoided (eg Oxley, Toowong, and Norman creeks). We urge you to be sensible as the club will not accept any liability for infections acquired while kayaking. Recreational activities have recommenced on the river and many clubs are active again. However you should make your own decision on whether you wish to accept the risks and paddle on the river. Updates of the bacterial (enterococci) counts in the river are published by the Brisbane city council here.

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