Fraser Island Trip

NOTE: DATES HAVE CHANGED. This trip now starts and finishes a day earlier than originally planned. A trip along the west coast of Fraser island, and possible whale watching. For stronger paddlers only.


Trip Plan

  • Thurs 24 Sep: Drive to Urangan. Meet up and spend the night at the caravan park
  • Fri 25 Sep: Get up early (6 AM). We need to set at least 60 min aside for packing boats and preparing. Everything needs to be ready well before the ferry leaves. The ferry departs at 8:30 AM to Moon Point. We will paddle 15 km against the tide to Woralie Creek, stopping along the way for lunch and any needed rests. We’ll set up camp at Woralie Creek in the afternoon. All food to be stored in boats overnight.
  • Sat 26 Sep: We will pack up all food in boats, and paddle north east along the beach and against the tide, visiting any creeks. If possible we will explore Awinya Creek and have lunch there. We will return along the coast, with the tide to Woralie Creek for the night.
  • Sun 27 Sep: We will pack up camp, and set off to Moon Point (15 km) after the tide changes (mid morning), stopping along the way for lunch. We will paddle in the vicinity of Moon point while waiting for the ferry. The ferry departs for Urangan at 5 PM. Those who need to will drive back to Brisbane in the evening. Others may elect to spend the night before heading to Brisbane the following day

You will need to have demonstrated your paddling and rescue abilities prior to the trip.

Please note that if the wind gets up from the north/west, then we may need to land through a small surf.

Dates: 25-27 September 2009.
Depart: Thursday 24 September
Return: Sunday 27 September (late), or Monday 28 September (during day)

Paddle type: Sea kayaking
Accommodation: Camping two nights (basic – no toilets or water)
Costs: $54 for the ferry. $15 for camping. Petrol money for drivers. Donation money for boat upkeep, food costs. Accommodation at Urangan (Friday night).

Emergency Contacts: VMR Hervey Bay. Open 0600-1800, 7 days (Radio VHF. 16, 73, 22 Phone. 741 289 666 (put this on your mobile phone too!). Alternative – Eurong Police: (07) 4127 9288

Emergency equipment includes: V-sheet, Flares, PLB, VHF radio, mobile, whistle, GPS, compass, spare paddle, tow lines, repair kit, torch, first aid kit
A full list of required, recommended, and optional equipment will be emailed to participants.

There are many risks in any trip. Of particular note here are the following – capsize, fatigue, hypothermia, and wind. Steps to alleviate these risks include : Familiarity with rescue techniques, paddling as a group, extra warm clothes, keeping near to shore, paddle stops, tow ropes, bailers and pumps, and paddle floats.

More specific dangers include

  • Dingos are common on the island. Everyone should be aware of how to be “dingo safe“.
  • Potential encounters with whales. Paddlers should make sufficient noise to ensure the whales are aware of their presence if the whales come close (not too much). Angry whales (indicated by side slapping of tails) should be especially avoided, and paddlers should avoid coming between a female and any surrounding males or calves. Please be familiar with the EPA regulations and guidelines for boats in the vicinity of whales.
  • Dangerous marine animals. Paddlers to be familiarised with some dangerous animals beforehand. They should also familiarise themselves with Marine stinger information.
  • Heavy fog can move in during the day. All paddlers will have a compass to ensure they will reach land.

Tides for Urangan harbour (27 km SW of Woralie) – to be updated for date change

Fri 25 Sat 26 Sun 27
Time Ht Time Ht Time Ht
0016 2.48 0145 2.30 0321 2.30
0608 1.23 0720 1.44 0910 1.49
1329 2.84 1454 2.79 1610 2.86
2022 1.58 2143 1.55 2250 1.41

Moon: First Quarter, Sat 26th Sept.

Pictures of the area (not exactly the same trip though) are here and here.

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