Summer Racing Series 2007

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– Ending 4th April 07 –

Wednesday afternoons at 5:15 PM

Races are open to all club members – using any boat. Handicaps apply, so you will have a chance at winning a small prize.

Paddle type: Flatwater
Duration: 1 hour
Meeting time: 5:15 PM sharp – for a briefing and to grab the boats.
Race start: 5:30 PM
Handicap: Slower paddlers start first. Other paddlers gradually follow. First back to the club wins.
Distance: 2.6 km (around the red buoy)
Location: University of Queensland building 30 – UQ Canoe club boat shed
Address: North river end of Sir William MacGregor Drive, St. Lucia
Cost: A nominal $2 contribution towards the prize.

Race schedule (times may change later in the season, depending on the light)
Click on the winner’s name to see the full results (below).

  • Wed afternoon – Jan 31 – Won by: Jitka Kochanek
  • Wed afternoon – Feb 07 – Won by: Mark Hinder
  • Wed afternoon – Feb 14 – Won by: Michael Wynne
  • Wed afternoon – Feb 21 – Won by: Marj Morgan
  • Wed afternoon – Feb 28 – Won by: Eranda G
  • Wed afternoon – Mar 07 – Too much fun – no formal race
  • Wed afternoon – Mar 14 – Race reporter absent
  • Wed afternoon – Mar 21 – Won by: Tamsin Barnes
  • Wed afternoon – Mar 28 – 5:15 PM sharp!
  • Wed afternoon – Apr 04 – 5:15 PM sharp! <-- This is the last race of the season.
    Please hang around afterwards, there will be some nibblies and a small fun award ceremony.

Contact: Dave Loveridge (Sea Kayaking) with any questions or queries.
Race reports: Dave Loveridge

Race reports
Wed 31 Jan
Well we had our first race on Wednesday (31/1) with a small, but
enthusiastic bunch of paddlers. After a bit of a chat about the racing
the first people were sent out on the 2.6klm course. We had shortened it
from the advertised 5klm as that was far too long for Wednesday
afternoon fun racing. It wasn’t long till everyone was out of sight and
it was just the starter on his Pat Malone waiting to see what unfolded.
First to be sighted was Jitka Kochanek, who according to everyone, tore
up the course. Despite paddling 5k’s beforehand she still managed to
take home the bottle of Rex Watson of Coonawarra Red. Everyone had a
good time and the racing was very close, with the handicapper making
sure that everyone was within a couple of minutes of each other.

All club members are welcome to come down and try. The races are
handicapped to give everyone a chance, so you can be any speed in any
boat. The racing is not serious and is designed to be fun for people who
are not really into racing. Please come down and support the races, you
never know, you might even be going home with a nice bottle of wine. If
you have any questions please contact the seakaying rep

Race 1 Results Wed 31 Jan 07
Timing: Dave Loveridge
Name boat Start Time Race Time Place Actual time
Jitka Kochanek tk1 Green 1.30 17:43 1 16:13
Marjorie Morgan TK1 Maroon 2.30 18:22 2 15:52
Mark Hinder TK1 Blue 3.30 18:56 3 15:36
Scott Olorenshaw TK1 Red (scorpion) 2 19:12 4 17:12
Jo Gifkins Tk1 Red (fire ant) 1.30 19:38 5 18:08
Michael Wynne TK1 blue & white 0 22:20 6 22:20

Wed 7 Feb
There was a strong run out tide for the race this week. Thankfully there
was less wind, less wake boarders and we nearly timed our run with the
city cats to perfection. Everyone got away well with Michael Wynne
leading the field around the turning buoy. He was out in front for
almost the entire race, getting run down in the last 10 Metres by Mark
Hinder. Mark, starting second last, powered through the field and he and
Michael led home a log jam of kayakers. Everyone was home within 50
seconds of the leaders providing some close racing and a hard time for
the finisher. The winner took home a well deserved bottle of Rex Watson
wine for his trouble. Big thanks to Marj for doing the timing and to
everyone for coming along. See you all next week.

Race 2 Results Wed 7 Feb 07
Timing: Majorie Morgan
Name boat Start Time Finish Time Actual time Placing

Mark Hinder Blue TK1 +4.30 19:57 15:27 1
Michael Wynne Red TK1 (scorpion) 0 20.07 20.07 2
Mark Neal Yellow TK1 +2 20.15 18.15 3
Jo Gifkins Red TK1 (Fire ant) +2 20.18 18.18 4
Jitka Kochanek Green Tk1 +4 20.20 16.20 5
Ben Satriatna Purple TK1 +2 20:45 18:45 6
Dave Loveridge Blue K1 +5:30 20.46 15:16 7

Wed 14 Feb
“I finally felt comfortable in the boat” Michael Wynne said afterwards,
and didn’t it show. He powered away from the start and never looked like
getting caught. Everyone battled a fair head wind on the way out, and
the fleet was still evenly spread at the buoy. Michael turned first and
took full advantage of the now tail wind and flew home to post his
fastest time for the course. It was a quick day all up, with everyone
posting their best times. There was a great duel behind Michael with
Ben and Scott keeping each other honest until the finish.

The award winning Rex Watsons Shiraz was taken home by Michael. Thanks
to Mark Hinder for doing the timing, and all the paddlers for an
enjoyable afternoon. See you all next week, ready to race for another
bottle of Rex Watsons.

Race 3 Results Wed 14 Feb 07
Timing: Mark Hinder
Name boat Start Time Finish Time Actual time Placing

Michael Wynne Blue TK1 (scorpion) +10:00 28:15 18:15 1
Ben Satriatna Purple TK1 +11:30 28:12 17:42 2
Scott Olorenshaw Red TK1 (scorpion) +13:00 29:20 16:20 3
David Loveridge Blue K1 +15:30 28:41 14:11 4
Marj Morgan Maroon TK1 +14:30 30:00 15:30 5
Jitka Kochanek Green TK1 +14:00 30:06 16:06 6
Milena Gongora Rosco +0 23:30 23:30 *

* Paddled with handicap, but was not competing

Wed 21 Feb
A strong run out tide greeted the paddlers last Wednesday. It made for a
long paddle up to the turning mark with some big gains being made by the
back markers. Marjorie Morgan flew out of the blocks and turned quickly
with a small lead over Mark Hinder. Mark pressured her all the way to
the finish but she held on to get over the line first. The strong tide
played around with a lot of the paddlers with the field a little spread
by the end. This will give the handicapper an interesting job for this

Big thanks to Jitka for doing the timing. See you all next week for the
next lot of fun races. As usual the bottle of Rex Watsons will be up for

Race 4 Results Wed 21 Feb 07
Timing: Jitka Kochanek
Name boat Start Time Finish Time Actual time Placing

Marj Morgan Maroon TK1 +8 23:28 15:28 1
Mark Hinder Red TK1 (fire ant) +8:30 23:32 15:02 2
David Loveridge Blue K1 +9:30 24:01 14:31 3
Mark Neal Yellow TK1 +6 24:17 18:17 4
Tamsin Barnes Purple TK1 +6 24:32 18:32 5
Milena Gongora Rosco +0 27:47 27:47 6
Michael Wynne Red TK1 (scorpion) +5:30 DNF DNF

Wed 28 Feb
A couple of new faces for racing this week, and they showed their talent from the outset leaving all the regular paddlers in their wake. Eranda and Lucy enjoyed the incoming tide, both got away quickly and never looked back. The move of the day was El Presidente Paul around the turning buoy, making up four boat lengths on Mark with an aggressive tight turn right on the buoy. What else would you expect from a white-water paddler. In the end it was Eranda taking home the Rex Watson chardonnay. The slight tide made for some very fast times, with nearly everyone posting their fastest times for the course.

Big thanks to Jo Gifkins for doing the timing this week. Looking forward
to seeing everyone there for another instalment or racing and yet
another bottle of Rex Watsons wine. Until then……

Race 5 Results Wed 28 Feb 07
Timing: Jo Gifkins
Name boat Start Time Finish Time Actual time Placing

Eranda G Blue TK1 +1 21:28 20:28 1
Lucy Moxon Rosco +2 22:42 20:42 2
Milena Gongora Rosco +0 24:52 24:52 3
Mark Hinder Red TK1 (fire ant) +11 25:23 14:23 4
Paul Bates Blue TK1 (stars) +11 25:45 14:45 5
Dave Loveridge Blue K1 +12 25:48 13:48 6
Jitka Kochanek Green TK1 +10 25:56 15:56 7

Wed 21 Mar
The handicapper has a theory that a strong run out tide favours the people who start last. You think he would adjust the handicaps when he know this is going to happen. This week proved the theory correct again with the late starters cleaning up.

Tamsin Barnes won her second race in a row walked away with another bottle of Rex Watsons for her trouble. Despite the strong tide the racing was again very close, with some good times being recorded. Newcomer James doing particularly well coming in 20 seconds behind Tamsin. A more gentle tide next week should being the field back a bit close for next weeks race.

Race 8 Results Wed 21 March 07
Timing:Dave Loveridge
Name boat Start Time Finish Time Actual time Placing

Tamsin Barnes Purple TK1 +7 23:20 16:20 1
James Carpenter Green TK1 +8 23:56 15:56 2
Marjorie Morgan TK1 (Fire Ant) +10 24:18 14:18 3
Milena Gongora Blue TK1 +0 26:10 26:10 4
Michael Wynne TK1 (scorpion) +6.5 27:29 21:29 5

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