Induction leaders 2013

Some club members are approved by the club committee to take visitors and new members for inductions on the river. If you’d like to take a group of friends for a paddle to try out the club, you can do this by attending an club on-water induction session. If you have a larger group, are unable to attend a scheduled session, or there are no sessions scheduled, you will need to contact the club (Enquiries email).

Financial members are strictly forbidden from taking out visitors (non-members) unless under the supervision of a committee approved induction leader.

Current 2013 Committee approved trial paddle leaders are

  • Caitlin Johns
  • Terence Toh
  • Paul Melloy
  • Breck Felsman
  • Greg O’Keeffe
  • John Simmons
  • Kym Alexander
  • Matt Rowland
  • Ross Darnell
  • Peter Kilby
  • Martin Wynne
  • Michael Wynne
To contact all the inductors (eg to arrange an unscheduled induction), please send an email to inductions with appended to the end.

If you are a club member with sufficient experience in paddling and in the club, and are interest in helping out by leading induction paddles, then please contact the club committee.

Induction leaders must have prior committee approval before leading on-water inductions, and must be financial members when doing so.

No Come and try Sat 20 Mar 10

There is a trip this weekend, and no one is available to take the Saturday session. Members will need to obtain a key and look after themselves. Prospective members – sorry – try again next weekend.