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Club Internet Resource Overview

  • Home The Club Website
    The website shows general club news as well as news for special interest groups. It also holds many information pages about the club's operation and practices. Other pages detail planned events, competitions, training opportunities, and trips that are planned during the year. It is the main entry point to information about the club and its activities.
    There's an archive of news article topics.

  • Email lists
    The club uses email lists to help disseminate information about activities. You will be added to this if you have completed 3 things
    1. Submitted your online membership form
    2. Handed in a signed printed copy of the membership form to a club inductor (we need signed copies)
    3. Shown us evidence of payment (e.g. bank receipt)

  • Web news
    Web based summaries of web news posts are available by clicking on the "Latest news" links at the top of each news section on the main web page. These show the latest news from each section. A summary of recent news can also be obtained via the RSS method (below).
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  • UQCC RSS news Get information automatically using news feeds
    The easiest way to stay informed about club website updates is to use RSS news. It is a very easy and convenient method that eliminates the need to keep checking the website. RSS allows the latest information to be automatically updated on your computer. Methods of accessing RSS feeds include -

    • Email programs - RSS feeds appear as a "mail box".
      If your mail application supports RSS, enter the URL for the RSS feed into the mail application's settings (e.g. "Add RSS feed" menu option). The RSS feed can be set to look like a mail box, and the information appear with your email. A guide to setting this up is here.

    • Screen savers - screen savers show latest news
      Add an RSS screen saver module to your computer, and link it to the website's news feed.
      • Windows computers: RSS screen savers are available here and here and here
      • Mac OS computers (10.4 and up): An RSS screen saver is built in. Go to the RSS visualiser in the screen saver panel of your system preferences. Select the UQ canoe club RSS feed in the options (make sure you've already bookmarked the RSS feed in Safari so it appears on the list).

    • Web browsers - show the number of unread items next to the bookmark.
      Bookmark the RSS link in your web browser. When new articles are posted on a web page, the corresponding number of new articles will automatically appear at the end of the bookmark in the browser. Clicking on the bookmark will display a short summary of all the new articles. Clicking on the summaries will bring up the full article. An "RSS" icon may appear in a the address field of a webpage in your browser (see the address field for this page). Clicking on this button will show/hide the site's RSS feed.

    • Dedicated RSS applications - designed to provide the best management of multiple RSS feeds.
    This website supports Atom and RSS feeds (choose either)

    Many RSS pages on the club's site will show an "RSS" button in the web browser's address bar, if the page is RSS savvy. Clicking on the button will show a list of all the latest changes to the site or resource.
    The following resources support RSS -

  • Webmail
    The club provides uqcanoeclub.net email addresses to committee members and to selected club members who contribute toward club activities in a manner that warrants an address. These emails are either forwarded to their normal email account, or sometimes a full email account is provided that includes this webmail interface.