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Email Lists

The club also uses email lists to keep members updated with news, events, and general announcements about club activities.
Email is an important method of staying informed.

You should receive periodic emails from the club. If you don't, please check if you are on the system using the configuration page below.

Configuring your own Email List Settings

Use the web to configure your personal settings for the club's email lists. You can -

  • check your email is listed in the club's email system
  • Add or remove yourself to/from special interest email groups
    • Whitewater special interester group
    • Canoe polo special interester group
    • Sea kayaking special interester group
    • Flatwater special interester group
  • update your email address
  • remove yourself from the email system
Configure your email settings here
Enter your email address in the text box, and press continue.
You will be emailed details of how to login and set your interest groups.

If the system responds with "User not found" then you either (1) did not use the same email address you supplied to the club, or (2) changed it and did not enter the changed address correctly, or (3) are not yet added to the system (it takes a few weeks to process the forms). If the problem continues, please alert the club's membership officer or secretary so things can be checked.

General club lists You should automatically be on one of these two club email lists. If you not on one of these lists, you will not receive general club emails.

  • Financial 20xx - the list for the current year. If you have paid your membership for the year you should end up on the list (give it a few weeks)
  • Financial 20xx Renewal - the list of members for the previous year who need to renew their membership in the current year. If you have not paid for the current year you should end up on this list. Membership turns over in March. After September you will no longer receive normal club emails if you do not renew your membership.
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