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Contact the UQCC Committee

Email addresses
Please append @uqcanoeclub.net to the email name shown below (in green italics).
For example, an email of spam becomes "spam@uqcanoeclub.net". Sorry - this is to reduce spam...

General Enquiries

Joining, trial paddles, first point of contact, and general queries and problems
Email: enquiries

Equipment borrowing requests

To obtain prior approval if you want to borrow equipment
(not needed for river paddling or club trips). Please check the borrowing procedures first.
Email: borrowing

Current Committee


President: Henry Friend (Maija Raudsepp until Oct 2017)
Email: president

Vice President: Darren Bennett (from Oct 2017)
Email: vicepresident

Treasurer: Peter Voght
Email: treasurer

Secretary: Craig Selkirk
Email: secretary


Sea Kayaking: John Simmons (Steffanie Linde until Oct 2017)
Email: seakayaking

Flatwater: Siti Abdul Khalid
Email: flatwater

Whitewater: Henry Friend
Email: whitewater

Canoe Polo: Paul Bowtell (Jordan Mulloy until Apr 2017)
Email: polo


Equipment: Jose Rehbein (from Oct 2017)
Email: equipment

Membership: Haiou Qu
Email: membership

Publicity: Kathryn Greenwood
Email: publicity

Fundraising and grants: Charlie Hsu (from April 2017)
Email: fundraising

Social: Nola Macaulay
Email: social

Internet: Martin Wynne
Email: webadmin

If you would like to become more involved in the operation of your club then
please consider volunteering to fill any vacant roles, and contact the club secretary

Earlier Committees

Postal address
Please email the enquiries email address if you are sending via snail mail as we don't check snail mail very often!

UQ Canoe Club
c/o UQ sport
PO box 6087
St. Lucia, Qld, 4067

LM: Oct 17