Members will not be given access to the shed until they have attended both inductions, although they are permitted to paddle with official paddle sessions after completing an on-water induction for a limited period.

Be on time for your inductions, or you may miss out. Induction sessions (including visitor paddles) may be infrequent or not offered during Uni holidays, exams, or some club trips. Please be mindful that these paddles are taken by club volunteers. Whether you are permitted to paddle or not is entirely at the discretion of the leader.

If you fill out any online registration form, you should receive an automated email response. If you do not, then it may not have registered. Please check the email address supplied, and/or resubmit (press the submit button). Please contact the enquiries email if issues persist.

Induction Options

Induction Days

Run on only two Saturday mornings at the start of each semester. They consist of a series of overlapping on-water induction sessions and a couple of off-water induction sessions. This way larger numbers of new members can complete. Please register for both on water and off water sessions online here.

Rostered Inductions

These inductions are organised from time to time during semester. Sessions depend on requests and available inductors. If you cannot make an induction day or a scheduled session below (or none are scheduled), then please request an induction.


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Currently scheduled Inductions (sort by date)
Complete the email address by adding ‘’ to the name listed, or look up the inductors’ email.

Register for Rostered Induction

Request an Induction

If you can’t make a planned induction, or none are scheduled, please request an induction. This can be done one of two ways.

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