Navigation Training Evening

An Introduction to Navigation Skills required by Sea Kayakers. – Essential Foundation skills for anyone planning their own paddling adventure.

This course provides foundation skills required to plan your own or a group’s paddling trip. It will cover basic navigation skills together with its impact on planning for a sea kayaking, flatwater or whitewater trip. It is open to all members and is a recommended refresher course for Trip Leaders. It is essential for anyone considering obtaining any formal AC qualifications. Be quick to register as their are limits to the number who can participate, due to venue size restrictions.

Duration: 2 hrs
Discipline: Seakayaking
Date: 8/11/17
Time: 6:30 PM
Venue: Room E301 at 6:30 PM in the Forgan Smith Building
(Building 1 – along the side of the Great Court) on the St. Lucia Campus.
It is up the middle flight of stairs on the second floor.

Make sure you have registered so we can contact you at the last minute if needed.

Contact: Peter Voght

Event ID: 171108