Club Induction Morning II (Sem 1 2017)

Club induction sessions will be run starting at different times through the morning. Register online.

Potential session times for the 12th of Aug are

  • 7:30 On water induction (6 places)
  • 8:30 On water induction (6 places)
  • 9:30 On water induction (6 places)
  • 10:30 On water induction (6 places)
  • 11:30 Off water induction (no limit)
  • 12:30 Off water induction (no limit)

On water inductions take a bit under 2 hours. Off water inductions take about 30 mins.

Please register for both on water and off water sessions online here.

If you just turn up on the day, you may have to wait for a place.

If you have registered, but are unable to attend, please email Maija to cancel so someone else can get a chance.

Information about inductions and what to bring is here.

You must be a member. Please bring your membership paperwork and evidence of payment along if you haven’t already. See how to join.

Please be early so we have a chance to process your paperwork (bring your paperwork!). We run these sessions on a very tight schedule.

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