Jacob’s Well to the Bedrooms

This is an great trip for paddlers with limited sea kayaking experience. The trip involves a paddle amongst the islands of Southern Moreton Bay to the old Bedrooms camp ground on South Stradbroke Island.

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Experience the marine environment of one of South East Queensland’s largest estuarine systems and have the opportunity to learn and develop your sea kayaking skills.

We will leave Jacobs Well (9.00AM) and paddle east to South Stradbroke Island (Tipplers Passage) for 8kms. This should take about 2 hours.

We intend to practice towing and we will work on our stoke correction.

We will stop at the old Bedrooms campsite to have lunch and perhaps a swim?!

We will return 3 hrs and 11 km later to Jacobs Well after detouring through the island channels.

Paddle Type Sea kayaking
Start Date 25-9-2016
End Date 25-9-2016
Trip days 1
Trip Leader Pierre
2IC Martin (Supervisor)
Grade 1-1.5
Distance(s) 18.5km
Paddle Outline
  • 6:30 Meet for final loading
  • 7:00 AM Depart UQ/Travel
  • 8:00 AM Unload/pack boats
  • 8:45 Trip briefing
  • 9:00 – Depart for paddle (7.5.km)
  • 11:00 Arrive destination (low tide) – snack and explore
  • 11:45 Lunch/food
  • 12:30 AM Depart – paddle back (11km)
  • 15:30 Arrive Jacob’s Well and load cars
  • 16:15 Depart and return to Brisbane
  • 17:15 Wash and put away gear
  • 18:00 Go home
Paddle Duration(s) 5h
Tide(s) 05:18AM 1.59m
11:03AM 0.59m
05:50PM 2.15m
Moon Half moon on Friday 23rd (neap tides)
Sunrise – Sunset times 5:46 PM
Put in Point Jacobs Well public boat ramp (meeting of Stapylton-Jacob’s Well Rd and the Esplanade, Jacob’s Well.)
Take out Point same as put in
Departure time (put in) 9 AM
Alternate Route Variations Return directly to Jacob’s Well (15 km total instead of 18.5km)
Facilities None (the toilet block at the Bedrooms is probably covered by sand dunes by now).
309-Bedrooms Round - longer.jpg
Route map
Put in Point(s)
222-Jacobs well put-in point.jpg
Jacob’s Well


Risks and Management

Sea Kayak Risk Assessment UQ Risk Assessment #45934
✓ Algae
✓ Animals and Plants (major injury)
✓ Animals and Plants (minor injury)
✓ Bad Weather / Weather Change
✓ Boat Traffic / Shipping
✓ Capsize
✓ Carrying Boats
✓ Cuts, Sprains, and Strains
✓ Dehydration
✓ Drowning
✓ Enter / Exit Boat
✓ Equipment Failure
✓ Fitness / Fatigue
✓ Getting Separated from Group
✓ Group Getting Lost
✓ Heat Exhaustion / Hyperthermia
✓ Hit by Paddle
✓ Hypothermia
✓ Ineffective Rudder
✓ Medical Condition(s)
✓ Missing / Broken Paddle
✓ Paddle Related Injuries / Tendonitis / Blisters
✓ Panic / Fear
✓ Rough Seas
✓ Sea Sickness
✓ Separation from Boat
✓ Sinking Boat
✓ Strainers (Overhanging Trees / Mangroves / Fishing Lines / Structures)
✓ Sunburn
✓ Tripping while walking
Travel Risk Assessment UQ Assessment #57960
✓ Becoming Lost
✓ Breakdown or Breakdown in Remote Area
✓ Chemical: Unleaded Petrol
✓ Drowsiness while Driving
✓ Incident or Accident while Driving
✓ Injury from Loading / Unloading Equipment from vehicle
✓ Loads Falling from Vehicle or Trailer, or hitting occupants in accident
✓ Towing Trailer
Risk Management
Paddler Requirements ✓ Conditions can be calm, but can change dramatically with winds and tides contributing significantly to this.
✓ Paddlers must advise leaders if they have health issues or injuries that may affect participation. Ensure medication is carried and is accessible. If unsure, they should check with their doctor beforehand.
✓ Participants must be familiar with, and have demonstrated, a wet exit and T-rescue (in a sea kayak) while a member of the club.
✓ Participants need the skills for the grade for the trip, unless modified below (Additional Comments).
Emergency Contact Information VMR Jacob’s well 07 5546 1100, VHF 16, 73
Nearest Medical Help and Contacts Gold Coast University Hospital
1300 74 4284
1 Hospital Boulevard
Southport QLD 4215

Safety and Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment (check link) ✓ Clothing you can get wet (on the water)
✓ Dry clothing (to keep warm)
✓ Equipment Requirements for Grade
✓ Food adequate for trip duration
✓ Footwear suitable for paddling, swimming and extra for on land
✓ Paddle clothes to protect from cold/wind (e.g. thermal/spray jacked or cag)
✓ Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, long sleeved paddle clothes, sunscreen, etc)
✓ Water – 3L per day (4L if camping)
✓ Water and snacks accessible while paddling
Kayak Equipment ✓ Dry bag
✓ PFD and paddle
✓ Paddle tie
✓ Pump, sponge, bailer, and paddle float
✓ Sea Kayaking Required Equipment List
✓ Spray Deck (if you have never used one tell the leader before you register!)
✓ Suitable paddle craft (sea kayak if seakayaking)
✓ Whistle
Safety Equipment ✓ First Aid Kit
✓ Hand Pump (at least 1 per 2 boats)
✓ Paddle Floats (at least 1 per 2 boats)
✓ Repair Kit
✓ Rescue Stirrup
✓ Spare Paddle
✓ Torch / Glow stick
Communications ✓ Flares;
✓ Mobile Phone;
✓ V-Sheet;
✓ VHF Radio;
✓ Whistle;
Additional or Emphasised Equipment Make sure you bring water and warm clothes you can paddle in, and warm dry clothes for off water. If the wind gets up it can become cold (wind-chill factor).
Check of Paddlers’ Equipment ✓ Bailing Device;
✓ Footwear (covered);
✓ Medication;
✓ PFD;
✓ Paddle Leash;
✓ Spray Deck;
✓ Suitable Craft;
✓ Sunsmart Gear;
✓ Water;



Boat Loading 23-9-2016 5:30 PM
Boat Loading Location Shed for loading the boats and arranging car pooling
Meet Location Club shed
Meeting Time (meet location) 6:30 AM
Depart Time (meet location) 7 AM
Meet time (put in) 8 AM
Go Home Time 6 PM
Costs Wear and tear charge (about $10) for club gear use
Petrol money for your driver.



Register with: Pierre Leader Email Address Location: Committee Contacts Page
Register by: 23-9-2016 Event ID: 160924S

Event organisers and leaders: Check registrations here (copy the event ID first). Login required.