Wivenhoe Dam Flatwater Trip Sem 2 2016

Day trip to a Wivenhoe dam to practice and develop the skills to paddle tippier boats such as TK1s and K1s.

At this event we would take many kinds of TK and K1 flat water boats to Wivenhoe dam for the day. This is a great chance to try tippier boats and improve your paddle skills. The quickest way to improve is to push your limits. It is a good environment for doing so.

How to get there
The destination is approximately 50 mins to 1 hour drive from Brisbane or further if you are coming from the east or southern sides of Brisbane.

  • follow the Ipswich Motorway (signposted to Warwick/ Ipswich/ Toowoomba).
  • turn off this motorway to the Warrego Highway (this is the road to Toowoomba NOT
  • Ipswich or Warwick).
  • after 15 km turn right to Esk (the Brisbane Valley Highway).
  • proceed to Fernvale (15 Km) then on cross Wivenhoe damn wall and spillway (9km).
  • after 6 km turn right into Hay Rd (sign to Logan Inlet) then after 1 km left into Logan Inlet Rd
  • after 2.5 km the road forks right to the Day use area (0.5 km) on the western shores of the dam

We will be arriving at the day use area around 9 am and we will be setting up a position on the bank, hopefully under a shady tree. Below is a link to a brochure about the Dam which includes a map on the last page. Go to the Logan’s Inlet Day use area This is well sign posted and there is mobile phone coverage although can be patchy depending on your carrier. There are BBQ facilities, sheltered picnic tables, toilets and showers (hot and cold).

Other information is available on the SEQWATER’s website.

This part of the Dam is protected from wind and is a beautiful setting to practice and try a range of TK1’s and a K1. It is a fresh water dam and there are limited hazards in the water. It is a ‘friendly environment’ to fall out of kayaks!!

We intend to bring a range of TK’s and K1’s so that everybody can have a go and hopefully we will be able to go for a short paddle once we have acquired some skills. We will bring kayaks, PFDs, paddles and required safety gear as appropriate for the activity. You will need to bring water (although drinking water is readily available at the camp site), lunch and snacks, sunscreen, hat and sunsmart clothes. It is likely to be hot and a spare change of clothes is essential as you will be getting wet.

We can coordinate a lift for people who do not have a car as the time approaches. Please advise your transport arrangements (i.e. whether you have a car or need a lift) when you register for the trip. Please indicate how many people you can take and if you have roof racks/cradles if you have a car.

The usual ‘wear & tear’ fee applies and money should be deposit in the box in the shed.

Date: Sunday 21st August 2016
Grade: 1
Environment: Dam
Location: Wivenhoe Dam
Information: Download this brochure about Wivenhoe and camping (includes maps)

Meeting time: 7.00AM at the UQ Canoe Club shed to load boats, or as alternatively agreed for a 9am plus start at Wivenhoe Dam.
Meeting place: At the UQCC shed as advised above or alternatively at Wivenhoe Dam
Departure: 8:00AM from the UQCC shed
Duration: From 7.00am Sunday (UQCC Shed) to about 4pm on Sunday (leaving Wivenhoe Dam at or before 3PM)
Distance: N/a for this trip

Equipment: as per grade 1 paddling
Recommended equipment

  • Minimum 2 litres water (although water is available)
  • Footwear suitable for paddling, and swimming
  • Food / Nourishment for the duration of the trip including lunch.
  • Sunsmart gear
  • Dry change of clothes
  • Swimming gear + towel

Paddlers Requirements: Paddlers should have an appropriate level of fitness. Individuals must self assess their, and their equipment’s, ability to participate in this level club event and should consult the trip leader if any aspect of their suitability requires clarification. As mentioned this is not a long paddle trip. You will be in and out of kayaks for limited periods during the day so it is not going to be a strenuous activity.

Alternate takeout points: n/a – adjacent to bank.
Risks: Hypothermia, boat traffic, dehydration, sunburn, capsize, paddle related injuries
Risk management: Dress for the outdoors. Bring dry warm clothes and sunsmart clothing (hat, sunglasses, long sleeved shirt, water, sunscreen). You may get wet so bring your swimming gear. Advise trip leader of any medical conditions.
Emergency contacts: No formal on water rescue body operates on the Dam. All activity will be carried out in visual sight of other participants. In an emergency the leader and other senior Club members will call Police. Emergencies Only – Ambulance, Police, Fire: 000; Lowood Police: 5426 1108; Seqwater Duty Officer – Catchment Services : 3035 5776
Communication: mobile phone, whistle
Safety equipment: first aid kit
Check of equipment: PFD, footwear, water, suitability of craft, sponge, medication
Map: See brochure

Organiser: Siti Abdul Khalid

Leader: Martin Wynne
Participants must register their interest prior to the event. There is a participant limit on this trip so please reserve your place early.

Event ID:160821F
Event organisers and leaders: Check registrations here (copy the event ID first). Login required.