Enoggera Dam (The Gap)

A fun (come and try and training) paddle. We will set up on the shore and have a selection of flat water kayak available to up skill or just paddle. After the initial training (try out) session we will paddle to the end of the Dam and back followed by coffee/ lunch at the “Walkabout Creek Café” at this venue.

This trip is more a training fun time trying some tippy flat water kayaks (including the K2 and some very tippy K1’s) upon the historic (Circa 1866) Enoggera reservoir (AKA the Enoggera Dam). This Dam used to be the sole source of water to the expanding Brisbane town until it was ‘retired’ from that role some years ago. It has been opened up for passive water activities since 2014 including swimming and kayaking. Accordingly as you can image the water is clean and clear. This Dam is different to Wivenhoe in that the banks are basically forested to the water’s edge and is ringed by water lilies. The environment is safe but access to the bank, away from our primary water entry and training location is more difficult due to the water lilies that adjoin the bank.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to come and try some tippier kayaks that you would be reluctant to do so on the Brisbane River. Usually the Dam is very still/ flat water with no waves unless it is windy then you can get a small chop on top of the water but as we are paddling early in the morning this is not likely.

It is intended that we spend the first hour or so just trying the different kayak then l will take you (i.e. all that want to come) on a short paddle to the far end of the Dam. This is about 20 minutes each way, which you may find challenging anyway if you have just ‘upgraded’ to a tippy kayak.

I intend to start the morning activities with a coaching session that will deal with kayak set up, treatment/ placement of lightweight fragile FW kayaks on the ground, entering the water and sitting/ balancing in the kayak before the paddle, forward paddle technique and rescue.

There are toilets at the venue and a pleasant coffee shop at the nearby interpretive/ information centre.
At the finish of our session we will go to the coffee shop for a coffee and possibly lunch.

After a coffee etc we will drive back to the UQCC Shed and unload the kayaks. I am expecting that we would be all finished by 1.30pm to 2pm.

The Dam is at the back of ‘The Gap’, which is about 25minutes drive from the UQCC shed.

It is intended that we may need to pack the Club trailer so intend to do this on late Friday PM so if you are about your assistance would be appreciated.

It is also expected that those who are passengers contribute to the cost of fuel (minimal due to closeness of venue) for the trip (driver will discuss this with you) and the usual contribution to the W&T fee (Wear & tear) for the use of the Club kayaks.

Meeting Time: Saturday morning at 7am at the UQCC Shed. Depending on whether we can find time to load the trailer (if needed?) on Friday afternoon/ evening we may even make the meeting time a bit later at say 7.30am but will confirm closer to the date.
Departure time: 7.50am at the UQCC Shed
Duration: Saturday morning to early afternoon. This is NOT an all-day event.
Distance: Training and short paddle trip only
Required Equipment: as per Club Grade 1 requirements as they relate to Flatwater Kayaks
Recommended Equipment:

  • Minimum 2 litres water for drinking. You can obviously leave water etc on the bank at our training ground.
  • Footwear suitable for paddling & swimming, sun screen, hat/ cap and sun smart clothes.

Paddler Requirements: Paddlers should have an appropriate level of basic fitness, although this is not an arduous trip. The Dam is protected from strong winds and there is no current. Individuals must self assess their, and their equipment’s, ability to participate in this level club event and should consult the trip leader if any aspect of their suitability requires clarification.

Alternate take out points: At any point we are no more than 200m from the base training area except when we paddle to the end of the Dam which is no more than 2.5ks away.

Risks: Sunburn, capsize, dehydration, land fauna, paddle related injuries

Steps to alleviate risks
Dress for the outdoors, Bring a change of clothes to get changed into before we have coffee at the end. It is very likely that you will capsize in these kayaks so expect to get wet. Advise trip leader of any medical conditions beforehand. Make participants aware of the potential of encountering snakes (on land) at this location but not expected.
Communications: Mobile phone, VHF radio, whistle
Safety Equipment: PLB, tow line, first aid kit
Check of paddler gear: Suitable craft, PFD, water, medication, footwear

Leader / Registration: John Simmons

Event ID: 151212F

Event organisers and leaders: Check registrations here (copy the event ID first). Login required.