G2: Redcliffe to Bribie Island

A return paddle across Deception Bay from Redcliffe to Bribie Island and back.

This trip is a trip across the northern section of Moreton Bay. It is rated Grade 2 due to the potential exposure to adverse conditions and distance from shore.

Part of “Bribie month”

We will drive to the northern eastern trip of the Redcliffe peninsular and unload the kayaks at the North end of the Park at Scarborough Beach on the south side of the rock groyne. From there we will paddle into Deception Bay towards Bribie island. How far we travel will depend on the progress and abilities of the group, but is unlikely that we will get as far as Bribie island before turning around and returning to Redcliffe. We will have rests on the water. Instead of paddling one way to Bribie island, we have elected to paddle into Deception Bay and return to the Scarborough beach put in point. This avoids a long car shuttle and thereby gives us more time on the water.

The tide will be high at 8.30 AM then flows to the north (or direction of travel) till early PM. The usual wind conditions are from the south east, but be aware that current forecasts are currently ENE/NE, but for 10 knots and less so this will counter the tidal assistance a little.

There is an opportunity to take sails for those familiar with them but you may be pulling your sail up and down a fair bit depending on the prevailing wind and wave conditions on the day. If the winds are light it may be an opportunity for those of you not that experienced with sails to learn.

We will have lunch most probably on the water, so keep it accessible and simple. We recommend bring lunch though otherwise bring sufficient money to buy it there. You will be able to leave your dry clothes in the cars for when we return. If the winds are over 15/ 17 knots from the south sector we will probably find an alternative paddle destination and will advise well ahead of time. If the wind is strong from the north sector we will have a wind on tide situation and will cancel or find an alternative paddle venue.

This trip replaces the original Woorim to Caloundra trip as the time taken for a car shuttle didn’t leave enough paddling time (i.e. it was too hard). Instead the Redcliffe to Bribie paddle is now moved to this spot, leaving the long weekend before to activities that take advantage of the long weekend.


  • 6.15am – Meet at UQCC Shed (sharp) to load gear.
  • 6.45am – Leave UQCC Shed
  • 7.35am – arrive Scarborough
  • 8:15 AM – depart Scarborough (ready to paddle by 8:05 AM)
  • 2 PM – Return Scarborough
  • 2:30 Depart
  • 3:30 Arrive St Lucia
  • 4:00 PM Head home

There is a small chance we could reach the SW tip of Bribie island. This will depend on the conditions, sustained speed of the group, and tidal/wind assistance/resistance. If we sustain grade 2 speeds of 5km/hr (although this short stops) we should reach Bribie and still arrive back at ~2PM (this includes an extra 30 min lunch stop). If we reach Bribie island we will have lunch there. If we are faster due to conditions, or get ahead of schedule, our chances of reaching Bribie are greater, but do not count on getting there as it is probable that we will not and will have lunch on the water and turn around before reaching the island.

Discipline: Sea kayaking
Grade: 2
Date: Sunday 11th October 2015
Distance: About 20-25km, depending on time, conditions, and group
Tides: H 8.30am (2.05m) L 2.39pm (.45m) at Brisbane Bar (low is 15 min earlier at Bongaree)
Moon: Approaching new moon (on 13th)

Meet time: Sunday at 6.15am sharp at UQCC Shed.

Launch point: On the beach south of the rock groyne at the north end of Scarborough Beach (Meet at 7:30 AM sharp! if going there direct). The area of the beach next to the car park of Pirate Park. The park is off the north end of Landsborough Ave Redcliffe (between Bunton St and Rock St).

Alternate course and take out points: Optional alternate take out points are the southern tip of Bribie (about 2 km south of Bongaree), Bongaree, or the western sections of Deception Bay although but these are a considerable distance (7 to 8 km) away. Route variations include only partially completing the route to Bribie island before returning to the put in point. If circumstances change sufficiently it is possible to paddle to Bribie and return to Redcliffe by car/public transport.

Duration: Sunday till 3PM or 4 PM

Required equipment

  • As per club Grade 2 requirements
  • Spray decks
  • Food/ snacks/lunch adequate for the trip duration
  • Minimum 3 litres water for drinking. Accessible while paddling.
  • Footwear suitable for paddling, swimming
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, long sleeved paddle clothes, sunscreen, etc)
  • Paddle clothes to protect from cold/wind (e.g. thermal/sprag jacked or cag)

Paddlers’ Requirements
Paddlers should have an appropriate level of fitness. This part of the bay is exposed to winds/ wave fetch over the southern and middle part of the Bay, and therefore will be at the maximum wave heights commensurate with the wind strength. There is also the potential for wind on tide affects.

Individuals must self assess their, and their equipment’s, ability to participate in this level club event and should consult the trip leader if any aspect of their suitability requires clarification.
As we have not undertaken formal grade 2 grading within the club, the trip leader reserves the right to not accept all registrations. This trip will also serve as a means of partially assessing members considered grade 2 equivalent.

Risks: travel; rough seas; sunburn; capsize; dehydration; boat traffic; marine life; fatigue; medical conditions; sea sickness; paddle related injuries
Risk alleviation: Dress for the outdoors, Bring wind/ rain proof cag/ jacket and fleece to change into as it could be cool if you get wet. Advise trip leader of any medical conditions beforehand. Make participants aware of the potential of encountering marine stingers/ ‘jelly fish’. Stay in a group. Have water readily accessible and have regular food and water breaks. See UQ risk assessments #45934 and #57960 for more detail.
Medical Conditions: Please advise leaders if you have health issues or injuries that may affect participation. Ensure medication is carried and is accessible.

Safety Equipment: Spare paddle, tow lines, paddle float, PFD, bailer, sea kayak with deck lines and sealed compartments, hand pumps, first aid kit, torch.

Check Equipment Suitable craft, spray deck, PFD, paddle, paddle leash, bailing device, medication, water, footwear

Communications: Mobile phone(s), VHF radio, PLB, whistles, flares, signal mirror, V sheet
Emergency Contact(s):

  • VMR 403 Redcliffe – 3203 5522 (m: 0417 009 265); VHF Channels 16, 21, 67, 73, 81 (closes at 21:00)
  • VMR Bribie Island – 3408 7596; VHF 16, 73

Medical Centre: Redcliffe Hospital, Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe – Phone: 3883 7777; Scarborough Majellan Medical Centre (107 Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough QLD 4020 (07) 3880 1444)

Facilities: Toilets and water available at Scarborough put in point

Costs: Wear and tear contribution for club gear ~$10/day. Petrol money to your driver (~$10), Bring some extra dollars for coffee etc

Map of Paddle Route

290-Redcliffe-Bribie route.jpg

Put in point

288-Redcliffe-Bribie map.jpg

Register by: Fri 9th October
Leader / Registration: John Simmons

Event ID: 151011S

Event organisers and leaders: Check registrations here (copy the event ID first). Login required.