G1: Intro to Sea Kayaking

A day trip to Coochiemudlo island in Moreton Bay to learn the basic skills needed for sea kayaking. This may be to North Currigee on South Stradbroke island, but the tides will probably mean we will do this at Coochiemudlo.

You do not have to have completed the sea kayak training sessions on the pool before registering.

CoochieMudlo is a small island with sandy beaches off Victoria Point in Moreton Bay. We will put in at Victoria Point (about 50 mins drive from Brisbane).

Grade: 1
Destination: Coochiemudlo island, Moreton Bay
Date: Sunday, 30 Aug, 2015
Purpose: Introductory paddle and training
Distance: About 10-12km.
Duration: All Day. We will plan to leave the club by 7.15 am, be at Victoria point 8.45 am and commence training at 9:45 am. We should be off the water by 4 pm and back at the shed by 5.30-6 pm.

Tides High 9:43 AM (2.15m), Low 3:57 PM (0.14m) add 20 min for Victoria Pt.

Paddle type: Sea kayaking
Requirements:Basic skills and fitness are required. You should be able to paddle at a reasonable speed (about 4 km/hr for 45-60 min)

Prerequisites: PLEASE ATTEND GENERAL POOL SESSIONS TO LEARN TO USE A SPRAY DECK. PLEASE MAKE THE LEADER AWARE IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS OR NOT. To attend this trip, you need to have learned and demonstrated wet exits and assisted rescues (T-rescues) in a sea kayak on the UQ pool. Check the Polo calendar for scheduled T-rescue dates (Contact the trip leader if you have not completed T-rescues).

Preparation: We will pack the trailer at 4 PM on Saturday evening 29th August. We need most people to assist. Training includes trailer packing.

Meet: Club shed, Sun 30th August at 6.45am with a view to departing at 7.15 AM. Arrive at Victoria Point by 8.45 AM. Unload and prepare kayaks ready to commence at 9:45 AM

======= PROGRAM =======

Phase 1 (prior to on water activity)

  • Standard Trip/ activity briefing
  • Seat adjustment/ posture
  • Paddle strokes – forward/ back (reverse)/ stop
  • Bracing – low brace, high brace.
  • Turning/ keeping straight/ ‘leaning’ to turn
  • Basic tide/ current knowledge – how this impacts on our trip planning/
  • ferry gliding
  • Rules of the pod/ paddle signals
  • What to take (for a day trip) and where to stow it (basic intro)
  • How to identify hazards/ dangers (basic intro)

Phase 2 (on water on route)

  • Demonstration and assistance with execution of paddle strokes, turning/ keeping straight/ ferry gliding/ leaning.
  • Reinforcement of knowledge conveyed at briefing prior to getting on water.

Phase 3 (arrival at IN WATER skill training session)
At this stage this activity will occur on the northern side of Coochiemudlo Island off a sandy clear beach. Upon arrival at this location there will be the opportunity to change into other clothes for in water activities. There are public toilets there.

  • Demonstrate and execute wet exit and hazards associated with this.
  • Assisted rescue – including ‘T’ rescue, ‘all in rescue’, rescue with a sling, Eskimo rescue,
  • Self rescue – paddle float rescue

Lunch (at same beach as ‘in water’ training session). You will need to bring lunch as there is no shop nearby.

Phase 4 (trip home)

  • Towing and continued execution of learned skills

Safety: Sea kayaking on Moreton Bay can be hazardous. The trip may be modified or cancelled if conditions are unsuitable. Advise leader of medical conditions.

Hazards: Rocks, boat traffic, sunburn, hypothermia, capsize, dehydration, paddle related injuries

Emergency Contact: Emergencies only – 000 VMR Victoria Point 07 3207 8717 Coast Guard Redland Bay 07 3206 7777 (put this in your phone too!)

Saftey equipment: PLB, Flares, spare paddle, tow line, repair kit, first aid kit

Communication: Mobile phine, VHF radio, whistle

Equipment: Sea kayaks, skirts, paddle leashes, bailers and PFDs. Dry bags if you have them else from the club. You will get wet. Bring dry paddling gear to change into after the training session and for lunch. Bring a picnic lunch, snacks, at least 2L WATER, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, money, hat, towel, warm gear, wind and rain proof top and change of clothing as you can get wet.

Basic Costs: A wear and tear contribution towards kayak upkeep (see book on desk for costs per item but under $10) and a contribution for petrol.

Meet: Sat 29th August 5 pm load kayaks. Sunday 30th August Meet 6:45 AM. Depart at 7.15 am. Aim to commence training 9:45 am.

Leader Martin Wynne

Registration : Email Martin Wynne . Please register your interest and indicate whether you have transport, how many people you can take, and if you have roof racks for kayaks.

Limitations: Up to 10 people. Depends on availability kayaks and transport.


213-Coochie training trip 2013.jpg

Alternative destination (e.g. bad weather/wind): Wivenhoe Dam