Website Migration to New Web Software

Hi all,

We’re in the process of moving to new website software. This means there will be broken links, web pages in need of attention, and various other issues.

We are moving from Movable Type, the original content management system, to WordPress. This is instead of updating to the current version of Movable Type. The main reason is that WordPress is supported better by our web hosting company, so we are less likely to encounter issues that break the software and consequently the site, leaving us in a technical deep end (this has happened several times)! Also, more people are familiar with it. The migration also gives us the opportunity to upgrade the look of the site and its interaction with modern devices. At the moment, the main aim is to migrate to WordPress, slowly improving content/function later.


If you do see any issues please log a report by filling in the form at the bottom of each page. All you really need to do is cut and paste the broken URL or the text that has errors. Drawing our attention to it should be enough for us to locate it and see the problem.

LM: FEB 2019

Website back online

The hosting company recently migrated to new servers. This rendered us unable to post to the website since the start of June. This post indicates that we appear able to post again.

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