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Flatwater Trips 2015

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Please check the basic trip requirements and information at the bottom of this page

A day at Wivenhoe dam aimed at improving your paddle technique and trying out tippier TK1 and K1 kayaks.

A 3 day trip kayaking and camping up the Noosa river (Friday evening - Sunday).

A social trip down the river to the West End Markets. We'll stop for some coffee and back to semester get-together. Open to all Saturday morning paddlers, and a chance for members to meet each other. If you aren't able to paddle, please meet us at the markets anyway.

Day trip to a Wivenhoe dam to practice and develop the skills to paddle tippier boats such as TK1s and K1s.

Full moon paddles take place each month on the full moon. We will be taking advantage of the light of the full moon and paddling upsteam to a point which the group agrees is a good point to return from. Some paddles which coincide with Friday, Saturday or Sunday may be included with a BBQ/ picnic in Guyatt Park before or after the paddle.

Requirements Bring head torch and rear white light. You must be seen from 360 degrees. Lightsticks, water bottle, spare clothing for after the paddle, Warm clothing in Winter, clothing to suit weather conditions, any personal medication

Dates, Leader(s) and contact (linked)
Fri 6 March7:30PMMartinHigh: PM
Fri 3 April7:30PMMartinHigh: PM
Sun 3 May6:30PMMartinHigh: PM
Sun 30 Aug7:00PMMartinHigh: 10:08 PM (Bris Bar)5:30 PM
Sun 27 Sept7:00PMMartinHigh: 8:58 PM (Bris bar)5:46 PM
(moonrise 4:50 PM)
Paddle Type Flatwater
Grade 1 (note that you will often be paddling against the peak flooding tide of the month. If you have trouble with river currents, then this may not be for you).
Duration 1 - 2 hrs
Distance 5-10km dependant on fitness of the least fit in the group
Paddle Outline Departure will generally occur at 7:30pm in Summer and possibly a bit earlier in Winter - check the date and time (above).
Paddle Duration Between 1-1.5 hours
Tides Strong tides occur during full moons. These paddles will typically include paddling during the peak incoming tide. If unsure of your ability to paddle in these conditions, please gain experience on the river during the daytime first.

See the tide information listed for the paddle date (above)

Moon Full
Sunset See the sunset times listed for the paddle date (above)
Put in Point UQCC shed
Take-out Point UQCC shed
Alternate routes Turning back earlier than planned
Facilities UQCC shed facilities
Personal Gear Bring head torch and a rear WHITE light - white light must be seen from your boat from 360 degrees. Red bike lights are NOT acceptable. Lightsticks (attach to PFD), water bottle, spare clothing for after the paddle, Warm clothing in Winter, clothing to suit weather conditions, any personal medication.

Lightsticks are available from the party section of Coles, Woolworths, and Kmart and should be very cheap. These serve as a backup if your torch fails or gets wet (eg you fall in). Cheap head torches are often found near the battery section of Coles/Woolworths/Kmart ($5-$25). Small LED lights may also be in the cycling section of Kmart.

Required Equipment As above. Remember - No Glow = No Go!
Double check Equipment Lights, Suitable craft, PFD, paddle, medication, water, footwear
Meet UQ club shed at 7:30pm in Summer and 6:30pm in winter
Return UQ club shed approx 9-10 PM in summer and approx 8-9 PM in winter
General risks and management
Risks and Hazards fatigue, hypothermia, cuts and bruises, Boat capsize, Boat traffic, Tendonitis, Paddle induced injuries, wind and current (weather), group separation, Darkness, Submerged hazards
Risk minimisation Dress for the outdoors, Bring wind/ rain proof cag and warm dry top. Advise trip leader of any medical conditions beforehand. Make participants aware of boat traffic. Safety, communication, refresh participants about paddling on the river (from inductions). Group to stay in close configuration. Be prepared to return to the shed early. Don't paddle too far with the tide.

Trip to be run in accordance with UQCC trip guidelines. Safety and communication gear to include the equipment (below). Risk assessment to be completed. Weather to be reviewed beforehand.

Paddler Requirements Paddlers should have a basic level of fitness, and participants to be paddling in a boat which they are familiar and stable in. Participants must bring thier own lights or glowsticks to paddle or risk missing out. Individuals must self-assess their, and their equipment's, ability to participate in this level club event (grade 1) and should consult the trip leader if any aspect of their suitability requires clarification.

Safety Gear tow ropes, PFD, torch, light stick.
Communication whistles, mobile phone(s)
Emergency contact(s) UQ Security (07) 3365 1234 (3365 3333 if emergency). Also 000.
Medical conditions Please advise leaders if you have health issues or injuries that may affect participation (eg asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, allergies, epilepsy, etc)
Medical centre Mater Hospital
Registration info Register to be sure of a spot, but otherwise just turn up and see if there is space.
Bad weather alternative Paddle will be called off in the event of rough weather or if the weather looks like it could deteroate into unsafe paddling conditions
Costs None

General contact: Ross Darnell

A social paddle along the river with a picnic at Long Pocket.

G1: South Pine RiverSun 1 Nov 15 ()
Explore the South Pine river.

G1: Tweed and Rous RiversSat 14 Nov 15 ()
Paddle the Tweed river to Murwillumbah, returning to Tumbulgum via the Rous river.

Enoggera Dam (The Gap)Sat 12 Dec 15 ()
A fun (come and try and training) paddle. We will set up on the shore and have a selection of flat water kayak available to up skill or just paddle. After the initial training (try out) session we will paddle to the end of the Dam and back followed by coffee/ lunch at the "Walkabout Creek Café" at this venue.

Market PaddleSat 19 Dec 15 ()
A Christmas social paddle to the West End markets for the morning.