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Whitewater Trips 2012

Please check the basic trip requirements and information at the bottom of this page

[Cancelled 14 March site inaccessable] Basic whitewater kayaking techniques at Wivenhoe dam. Your chance to try a bit of whitewater kayaking. Calm water, moving water, and one very optional grade 2 rapid. Don't miss out. Good for other kayaking disciplines.

A long weekend at Nymboida canoe centre (near Grafton in NSW) with a qualified instructor. Entries close 20th April.
Cost: $10/day donation for boat maintenance is encouraged, ?$8 for camping (one night is free), and about ?$40/50 for petrol (~1000 km round trip)
Meet: at the boat shed Friday 4th May. Departure times depend on which cars you are going in. Consult with the organiser and drivers by email. Most people will leave on Friday.
Return: depart around lunch time on Sunday.
Things you'll need -
  • The water will be cold, and you will get wet (i.e. swimming). Bring swimming clothing that will keep you warm (eg thermals or wetsuit). Avoid wearing cotton as it will not be effective in keeping you warm when you are wet. Also bring a towel and a dry change of warm clothing for afterwards.
  • Footwear that can get wet (not thongs).
  • Normal camping clothing (don't forget the jumper).
  • Camping gear - the club has some gear (tents, stoves, sleeping mats, bags), so let me know what you need, and we can arrange it. Torch
  • Food - you will be doing plenty of exercise, so bring plenty of food. If you can get into small groups for cooking, it may be easier
  • Sunscreen, Insect repellent (the bugs can be vicious), Water bottle (but you don't need water)
Talk to your committee members and the club president (Peter). Apply via this page

Thanks to the Queensland Government
Department of Communities

This event was made possible due to a club development grant awarded by the Queensland Government Department of Communities to improve the general skills and knowledge base of the club. The grant was part of the Department's Sport and Recreation Inclusion Program (Club support category).


A fun trip to Goolang Creek in NSW, and a chance for less experience members to build their whitewater skills. The trip is being led by some of club members who are undergoing leader training under the supervision of an instructor.

A weekend camping trip to Brunswick Heads (next to Byron Bay). We will have access to beaches and to flatwater. This is a social end of year trip for everyone.