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Flatwater Events 2008

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Please check the basic trip requirements and information at the bottom of this page

Your chance to join in the community effort on Sunday 02 March. Take a trip from the long pocket boat ramp and the float back to UQ shed with the tide, picking stuff up along the way.

Full Details
Trip: Clean up Australia Day Paddle

Date: 2nd March 2008
Time: 8 AM to approx 11am
Distance: about 4.5 klms
Skill Level: All skill levels are welcome.
Where: Starting at the Fig Tree Pocket boat ramp and going with the tide back to the UQCC
Meet: 8 AM at the club shed - ready to paddle

Plan: To put in at the boat ramp and then drift down and fish out any rubbish on the river bank, mangroves, or anywhere else we find some. We will just look at the Nth side of the river and any floating bits we find. We'll pull out at the club.

What to bring: Sunscreen, hat, sunnies, gloves to for handling rubbish, drink bottle. Towel and maybe a change of clothes for after. Any tools that may be useful for picking up rubbish.

What to wear: Old clothes, something that can get dirty and a bit wet, something sturdy for your feet. Not thongs, sandals would be OK. Preferably something enclosed.

Other notes: There are showers at the club. I will have garbage bags from the clean up Australia day people.

Transport: It's only a few klms to drive. There may be a couple of trips to get everyone to the start point. I will work this out when I have numbers. There will be a car/bike shuffle at the end.

Contact: For more info or to come along contact Dave

Fun raceWed 5 Mar ()
A fun race to determine handicap times for future races and comparison.
Click here for details

Market PaddleSat 15 Mar ()
A social trip down the river to the West End Markets. We'll stop for some coffee and back to semester get-together. Open to all Saturday morning paddlers, and a chance for members to meet each other. If you aren't able to paddle, please meet us at the markets anyway.

Time: Sat 15 March 2008
Distance: 6.5 km
Grade: 1
Duration: ~ 2-4 hrs
Bring: some dollars for money and/or shopping
Paddle type: Flatwater
Gear: Any kayak you can make the distance in
Meet: At the club shed 7:30 AM
Destination: Green flea Markets
Contact: Martin

Handicap raceWed 2 Apr ()
A fun race to determine handicap times for future races and comparison.
Click here for details

A night paddle up river to the entrance of Oxley creek. About an hour for dinner at the Park next to Qld canoeing HQ before returning.

Full Details

NO LIGHTS = NO GO (strictly!)

Date: Friday, 2 May 08
Grade: 1
Distance: ~16 km (8 km each direction)
Time: 5:30 PM (depart 6PM sharp)
Tide: High ~ 8:30 PM (Oxley Creek)
Moon: waxing crescent, rise: 02:20 AM, set 2:45 PM
Sunset: 5:15 PM
Time: 4 hrs (including stops)
Bring: Food, water, insect repellent
Meet: UQCC shed

Requirements: Basic fitness, good lights at the front and back (glo-sticks aren't enough on their own). E.g. a head-lamp and (?flashing) LED bike light.

Put-in point(s): University of Queensland Canoe club boat ramp
Stop point: Qld Canoeing boat ramp (and adjacent park)
Alternate stop/exit point(s): Long pocket boat ramp (5.5 km)


  • 5:30 PM meet at UQ
  • 6:00 PM Depart UQ Canoe club shed.
  • 7:30 PM Arrive Oxley Creek
  • 8:30 PM Leave Oxley Creek
  • 10:00 PM Arrive UQ shed
Alternate Route: stop at the Long Pocket park instead (5.5km each way). Eat there, and return.

Contact/information: Martin

This is the section of the Brisbane river below the weir.

Full Details
We will depart from Colleges Crossing soon after 9 am. High tide there will be around 10 am so most of the trip will be with the tide.

We will kayak 6 km past Venus Pools to Kookaburra Park where we will stop for a snack.

There is a 9 km stretch to the junction with the Bremer river and Joseph Brady Park where we will lunch

From there we will do another 9 km to Richardson Park

If we have enough cars we will leave a car at Richardson's park on the way up else we will have to do a car shuttle

Time: Sunday 15th June 2008 Meet at clubhouse at 7 am
Duration: All Day. We will plan to leave the club by 7.30 am, be on the water by 9 am and be off the water by 3 pm and back at the shed by 4 pm.
Distance: about 24km.
Paddle type: Flat water


  • Basic fitness - This is a reasonably long paddle so fitness and basic kayaking ability are required
  • Equipment: Roscos or TKs, PFDs. Bring a picnic lunch, snacks, at least 2L WATER, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellant, money, hat, towel, warm gear, wind and rain proof top.
Basic Costs: If you can afford it, a donation towards kayak upkeep.
Meet: 7 am at the UQ Canoe Club to load kayaks. Depart before 7.45 am and drive to Richardson Park to drop one car. Drive on to Crosby crossing. Aim to be on the water by 9am.
Tides: High tide at Brisbane Bar is 6.46 am and Colleges crossing will be about 3 hours later
Registration: Please register your interest with the leader by email (first come first served). Please indicate whether you have transport and if you have roof racks for kayaks. If you have not kayaked with the leader before please give some indication of your skills level to assist planning.

Leader: Michael Wynne
Contact: "seakayaking" followed by "@uqcanoeclub.net"

See MAPS OF BRISBANE for details.

A weekly one to two hour after-work night paddle up or down the river. Optional cheap meal beforehand.

Full Details
Meet Wednesday evenings at 7:15 PM at shed
Optional 6:00PM at St Lucia for food

Looking for a paddle in the evenings but it's too dark? Do you have trouble getting to the Uni for 5 PM paddles due to work? Maybe you just like the idea of paddling under the stars and city lights. For the next month or two, we are running a weekly night paddle on Wednesday evenings (now polo/skills pool sessions have started).

For those coming straight from work, or if you simply don't want to go home, there is an option to meet in St Lucia shopping village beforehand for a cheap bite to eat (6:00 PM at Chez Tessa cafe (location map)).

Paddling safe
Paddling at night has extra dangers. You must have adequate lights (it is critical that other boats see you easily from a distance). A minimum is a head torch and rear (?bike) light, or a raised bright 360 degree light. Glo-sticks alone or one unidirectional light are not sufficient. Bring warm gear in case it is cold. We will initially be paddling upstream where there are fewer boats. Flashing lights are often more visible.


  • Lights! - front and back and bright (and sides if beams are too narrow)
  • PFD - you will be required to wear a PFD at all times
  • Group - we need to keep together as a group
  • Sides - we need to stay to the sides of the river as much as practical to reduce exposure to other (bigger) boats.
  • Warm gear - it will be cold... bring sufficient warm gear. Keep additional dry gear in your backpack/car in case you get wet!
Remember there are warm showers and a changing area in the shed complex.


  • 6:00PM (optional) meet at Chez Tessa (in St. Lucia shopping village for a cheap meal)
  • 7:15PM (sharp) meet at shed
  • 9:30PM approximate finish time
Paddle type: Flatwater
Duration: 1 - 2 hours
Grade: 1
Meeting time: 7:15 PM sharp (Option of 6:00 PM in St. Lucia beforehand for a cheap meal)
Distance: 7-14 km (depending on speed and time)
Location: University of Queensland building 30 - UQ Canoe club boat shed
Address: North river end of Sir William MacGregor Drive, St. Lucia


  • Tuesday evening - June 24
  • Tuesday evening - July 01
  • Tuesday evening - July 08
  • Tuesday evening - July 15
  • Tuesday evening - July 22
  • Wednesday evening - July 30
  • Wednesday evening - Aug 06
  • Wednesday evening - Aug 13
  • Possibly extended/changed depending on participation/interest, and light
Contact: Martin Wynne with any questions or queries.

LM: July 08

A weekend trip exploring the Brunswick river and creeks near Brunswick Heads NSW (North of Byron bay).

Full Details
Brunswick Heads is situated north of Byron Bay in NSW. There is a main river, navigable for 10 km to Mullimbimby. There are two creeks entering close to the river mouth. They are navigable for 9 to 10 km, but not at low tide. Marshall's Creek may benavigable to Billinudgel, and Simpsons Creek to Tyagarah.

Saturday AM
We will meet at the club shed at 6 AM with a view to departing at 7 AM, and being on the water at Billinudgel by 10 AM. We will take one car to Brunswick Heads and leave it there. Kayak from Bullinudgel to Brunswick Heads (10 km) with the outgoing tide. Retrieve cars and set up camp.


Saturday PM.
Deposit cars/trailer at Mullimbimby. Kayak from Brunswick Heads to Mullimbimby (10 km) with the tide. Keen kayakers can kayak back against the tide. Return to camp site.

Sunday AM.
Kayak up Simpsons Creek and back (up to 20 km). Lunch and explore Brunswick heads before departing for Brisbane. We will see if we can arrange for a late check out.

Note: The schedule is tentative and will depend on the skills of the kayakers. We should have enough leaders to break into smaller groups and cater for all levels and different types of kayak If weather permits, and suitable leaders are available, then more advanced sea kayakers may exit the mouth and do a sea paddle. Camping
The camp site is situated on the river with a beach to launch from. It is close to the fish co-op and there are shops in the town.

The river trip is a low risk paddle. The Brunswick bar has a bad reputation.

Emergency Contact: To be supplied later
Grade: 1-2
Time: Saturday 13th September 2008 - Meet at club shed at 6am
Duration: 2 days.
Distance: Day 1 will do 10 to 20 km. Day 2 up to 20 km.
Paddle type: Flatwater and Sea kayaking


  • Basic fitness - Although this trip will cater for relative beginners, some basic skills and fitness are required. It is intended as a social weekend, catering for all levels.
  • Basic skills. Basic paddling skills are required.
  • Equipment: Sea kayaks, Roscos and TKs, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellant, money, hat, towel, warm gear, wind and rain proof. Camping and cooking gear. Take 2 litre of water on each paddle.
Basic Costs: If you can afford it, a donation towards kayak upkeep. Camping fees. Contribution for petrol.
Meet: 6 AM at the UQ Canoe Club to load kayaks. Depart before 7 AM
Tides: Saturday: High at 8.46 AM. Low at 12.48 PM. Sunday: High at 9.25 AM. Low at 1.32 PM.
Registration: Please register your interest with Michael at "seakayaking" followed by"@uqcanoeclub.net" by email (first come first served). Please indicate whether you have transport and if you have roof racks for kayaks.

Leaders: Peter Kilby and Michael Wynne
Contact: "seakayaking" followed by "@uqcanoeclub.net"