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A day trip to St. Helena island in Moreton Bay (Brisbane's equivalent of Alcatraz).

This will be a two and a half day (two night) kayaking trip to Inskip Point, Fraser Island and Tin Can Bay. The area is well known for dolphin and dugong sightings.

An evening to learn about kayak navigation.

An overnight camping trip to Peel island in Moreton Bay.

An evening session learning about weather and tides. An important part of planning your paddles.

A trip along Coochin Creek, half way along the pumicestone passage.

A chance to have some high end flatwater instruction from a very experienced and qualified coach. Suitable for both beginners or more advanced paddlers.

An eight day expedition along the western side of Fraser island (9 including travel). For more experienced paddlers and campers.

Test pack your sea kayaks for the Fraser island expedition. See if it all fits!

Compete in a race against other flatwater paddlers from northern NSW and south east Queensland. This race is being held in CURRUMBIN on the Gold Coast.