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Test of New Sea Kayaks

Saturday, 18 June 2016
A chance to try out potential new sea kayaks for the club.

Full Details
Event ID: 160618S
Last Modified: 2016-06-14
Version: 1

Sea Kayak Testing

A trip to the Gold Coast Broadwater to test potential new sea kayaks for the club

We will pick up boats on the Gold Coast and try them out in the mouth of Loders' Creek on the Broadwater.

Paddle TypeSea kayaking
Start Date18-6-2016
End Date18-6-2016
Trip days1
Trip LeaderMartin Wynne
2ICPeter Voght
Paddle Outline
  • 7:45 Meet at the UQ shed
  • 8:00 Depart Shed
  • 9:30 Pick up boats on the Gold Coast
  • 10 AM try boats on the Broadwater
  • 11 AM Return boats
  • 11:30 AM Return to Brisbane
  • 12:30 Arrive shed.
Paddle Duration(s)1 hour
Tide(s)6:38 AM (High)
12:31 PM (Low)
MoonFull Moon Mon 20th June
Put in PointMouth Loders Creek (Len Fox Park) near the boat ramp (opposite the Gold Coast Coast Guard). End of Marine Parade next to the the Gold Coast Highway, Labrador
Take out PointSame as Put in
Departure time (put in)~11 AM
Put in Point(s)

Loders Creek


Risks and Management

Sea Kayak Risk AssessmentUQ Risk Assessment #45934
✓ Animals and Plants (major injury)
✓ Animals and Plants (minor injury)
✓ Bad Weather / Weather Change
✓ Capsize
✓ Carrying Boats
✓ Drowning
✓ Enter / Exit Boat
✓ Equipment Failure
✓ Medical Condition(s)
✓ Rocks and Submerged Objects
✓ Separation from Boat
✓ Sunburn
✓ Tripping while walking
Travel Risk AssessmentUQ Assessment #57960
✓ Breakdown or Breakdown in Remote Area
✓ Chemical: Unleaded Petrol
✓ Incident or Accident while Driving
✓ Injury from Loading / Unloading Equipment from vehicle
✓ Loads Falling from Vehicle or Trailer, or hitting occupants in accident
Risk Management
Paddler Requirements✓ Conditions can be calm, but can change dramatically with winds and tides contributing significantly to this.
✓ Paddlers must advise leaders if they have health issues or injuries that may affect participation. Ensure medication is carried and is accessible. If unsure, they should check with their doctor beforehand.
Emergency Contact InformationGold Coast Coast Guard (07) 5531 1421
Opposite put in point.
Emergency services 000
Nearest Medical Help and ContactsGold Coast University Hospital
1300 744 284
1 Hospital Blvd, Southport
(near Olsen Ave and Smith St. Motorway)
Safety and Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment (check link)✓ Clothing you can get wet (on the water)
✓ Dry clothing (to keep warm)
✓ Equipment Requirements for Grade
✓ Footwear suitable for paddling, swimming and extra for on land
✓ Paddle clothes to protect from cold/wind (e.g. thermal/spray jacked or cag)
✓ Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, long sleeved paddle clothes, sunscreen, etc)
✓ Water and snacks accessible while paddling
Kayak Equipment✓ PFD and paddle
✓ Paddle tie
✓ Pump, sponge, bailer, and paddle float
✓ Suitable paddle craft (sea kayak if seakayaking)
✓ Whistle
Safety Equipment✓ First Aid Kit
✓ Hand Pump (at least 1 per 2 boats)
✓ Paddle Floats (at least 1 per 2 boats)
✓ Spare Paddle
Communications✓ Mobile Phone; ✓ PLB/EPIRB; ✓ Whistle;
Check of Paddlers' Equipment✓ Bailing Device; ✓ Footwear (covered); ✓ Medication; ✓ PFD; ✓ Suitable Craft; ✓ Sunsmart Gear; ✓ Water;



Boat Loading18-6-2016 9:30
Boat Loading LocationAdventure Outlet
Shop 5, 3 Jackman Street
Southport Trade Centre
Southport Qld 4215
Boat Loading DetailsWe will load boats at Adventure Oulet
Meet LocationClub Shed
Meeting Time (meet location)7:45 AM
Depart Time (meet location)8 AM
Meet time (put in)10 AM
Go Home Time12:30 - 1 PM
Additional Comments/InstructionsWe will be paddling in the vicinity of the mouth of the creek. Particular vigilance will be needed for boat traffic.



Register with: Peter Voght
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Register by: 17-6-2016
Event ID: 160618S
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