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South Stradbroke Camping Weekend

Friday, 02 May 2014
A camping trip (2 nights) to South Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay (changed from Tangalooma/Moreton Island due to ferry issues). Includes a short night paddle on the bay.

Full Details
This trip has changed from Tangalooma to South Stradbroke island. Times and dates are pretty much the same as before - simply a different destination.

THURS: Pack the trailer at the shed at ~ 6:00 PM (Please come and help)

FRI: This trip leaves from Paradise Point ( on the Gold Coast), with a short night paddle across the broadwater to North Curigee where we will camp for the first night. Meeting at the shed at 5:30PM to leave by 6.30PM to get at the put in place at 7.30pm then set up camp at Curigee at 9.30/10pm. We will need to do a car shuffle to get a car at Jacobs Well.

SAT: We will then paddle on Saturday to the Bedrooms (north South Stradbroke) to camp Saturday night.

SUN: On Sunday we will paddle back to Jacobs Well to load the kayaks and drive back to the shed.


  • FRI: Paradise Point to North Currigee - 2 to 3 km <-- Night Paddle - Bring a white light for the front AND back (eg two head torches).
  • SAT: North Currigee - Bedrooms - 15 km
  • SUN: Bedrooms - Jacob's Well - variants will depend on the weather and the group ability.
    • Likely: Straight - 8 km
    • Most likely: via the snaking passage in one of the adjacent islands - 11 km
    • Less Likely: via any of a number of northern routes - 14 to 15km
    • Unlikely: via Swan bay - 18-20 km
Grade: 1 - 1.5
Dates: Friday night - Sunday 4th May) - overnight Friday and Saturday nights
Accommodation: Camping

Further details to come

Contact: John Simmons