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Old Canoe Giveaway

The club is replacing the old canoes in the shed. It needs get rid of the old ones and these are being offered to members first.

The two retired club canoes are being offered to members for free because they are in very bad condition, and need work in order to be structurally sound.

The first is a white fibreglass canoe. The rib is in very bad condition and could crack, so requires strengthening. The gunwales have cracks.

The second is a green plastic canoe. (Made by Aymeast Pty Ltd, Wollongong, NSW) that is also in very poor condition.

Both these canoes are provided "as is", and are given away on the basis that the recipient takes full responsibility for them and does not hold the club and/or its officers in any way liable for any issues they may arise in relation to these two canoes. The Club offers no guarantee of their sea worthiness or safety.

If you are interested, please contact the enquiries email address.