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Grade 1 trip leader training weekend

Saturday, 01 February 2014
Grade 1 sea kayak trip leader training weekend to South Currigee, South Stradbroke island. Please register interest soon so places can be secured.

Full Details
This involves a weekend trip in Moreton Bay. It will cover equipment, trip planning, tides, navigation, rescues, and group management.

If you think you have the skills and interest please email Martin. The event is external to the club and there are only a few places. Even if you can't make the dates but are still interested, please email so we can work out the level of interest is (eg if more training places are needed).

Due to bad weather, the trip changed from Peel island to South Currigee on South Stradbroke island.

Date Sat and Sun 1st & 2nd Feb 2014
Trip Leader(s) John Simmons (Martin Wynne 2IC)
Summary A weekend Camping trip to South Currigee on South Stradbroke island for Grade 1 trip leader training.
Paddle Type Sea Kayaking
Grade 1
Duration 2 days/td>
Distance ~10 km total
Description This weekend is for members wanting to become a QSKC Grade 1 Trip Leader. The sessions cover boat control, self-rescue and assisted rescues, group management, water and weather assessment, basic navigation, trip planning and more.

We will paddle from Biggera Waters on the Gold Coast to South Currigee campsite on South Stradbroke island for the night, returning the same way the next day. We will undertake grade 1 trip leader training in the adjacent waters and during our paddle. We will camp overnight at the campsite.

Paddle Outline Sat
  • 6:00 AM Meet UQ shed
  • 6:30 AM Depart for Gold Coast
  • 7:30 AM Arrive Biggera waters, Gold Coast
  • 8:30 AM Depart for Stradbroke
  • 9:30 AM Arrive Currigee
  • Trip leader training sessions (you will get wet)
  • Morning training sessions
  • Lunch
  • Return to mainland
  • 3:30 PM Depart Gold Coast
  • 4:30 PM Arrive UQ shed
  • 5 PM Go home
Paddle Duration Sat: 1 hrs to South Currigee. 3-4 hours of training sessions.
Sun: 3-4 hrs training and 1 hrs to mainland
Tides Sat (@Gold Coast Seaway - Similar times at Currigee)
High 9:21 (1.84 m); Low15:40 (0.-0.05m); high 21:40 (1:38m)
Sun (@Gold Coast Seaway - Similar times at Currigee)
Low 3:27 (-0.05 m); high 10:06 (1:76m); Low 16:24 (-0.02m)
Moon New Moon Fri 31st Jan (Spring tides)
Sunrise/set Sat: Sunset 18:42
Sun: Sunrise 4:56
Put in Point Car Park - Anglers Esplanade (cnr Jennifer Avenue) Biggera Waters (see map below)
Take-out Point Car Park - Anglers Esplanade (cnr Jennifer Avenue) Biggera Waters (see map below)
Facilities Hot showers, toilets, cooking and facilities (BBQ) are available.
Personal Gear See participant gear list for this grade of club trip. A comprehensive list for expeditions is on the club website (a source of ideas)
Required Equipment *As per Club Grade 1 requirements
  • Spray decks
  • Hand pump - req. 1 per 2 kayaks
  • Paddle Float - req. 1 per 2 kayaks
  • Sun smart gear-hat/sunscreen etc
  • Footwear suitable for paddling and swimming (please NO thongs (ie no flipflops/jandals, slip-slops)!)
  • Tow Ropes
Recommended Equipment
  • Camping Equipment
  • Minimum 4 litres of water/day
  • Food / Nourishment for the duration of the trip - both for on-water (snacks) and off-water (2x lunch / 1x dinner / 1x breakfast)
Double check Equipment Suitable craft, spray deck, PFD, paddle, paddle leash, bailling device, medication, water, footwear
Pre-trip meeting Friday afternoon at Club shed to load trailer (6PM)
Loading boats Fri 31st Jan: 6 PM at UQCC Shed.
Meet UQ club shed at 6:00 AM Sat morning, departing for Gold Coast at 6:30 AM
Meet time at Biggera waters 7:30:00 AM, departing 8:30 AM
Return Load kayaks onto trailer and depart Gold Coast by 3:30 PM. Return to Brisbane 4:30 PM. Go home by 5:30 PM.
Risks and Hazards Sunburn, fatigue, dehydration, cuts and bruises, Boat capsize, Boat traffic, Tendonitis, Paddle induced injuries, wind and current (weather), drowning, rocks, land and marine fauna, medical conditions, equipment failure
Risk minimisation Dress for the outdoors, Bring wind/ rain proof cag. Advise trip leader of any medical conditions beforehand. Make participants aware of boat traffic. Safety, communication, and emergency gear. Ensure all safety equipment is accessible and basic knowledge is imparted on its use. Group to stay in close configuration.

Trip to be run in accordance with UQCC trip guidelines. Safety and communication gear to meet club trip requirements for grade of trip, and includes the equipment below. Risk assessment to be completed beforehand where this includes examination of relevant club risk assessments. Weather to be reviewed beforehand and updated during the trip where possible.

Paddler Requirements Paddlers should have an appropriate level of fitness, this is a trip that requires moderate fitness level. Individuals must self-assess their, and their equipment's, ability to participate in this level club event (grade 1) and should consult the club grading system on the website and the trip leader if any aspect of their suitability requires clarification. Participants must be familiar with, and have demonstrated, a wet exit and T-rescue (in sea kayaks) while a member of the club.
Safety Gear Split paddle with group, tow ropes, paddle float, compass, PFD, bailer, Sea kayak with deck lines and sealed compartments, hand pumps, rescue stirrup, first aid kit, chart, torch, light stick, repair kit (as per UQCC trip requirements for this grade)
Communication whistles, mobile phone(s), VHF radio, PLB, V sheet, flares, signal mirror (as per UQCC trip requirements for this grade)
Emergency contact(s) Southport Coast Guard, Phone: (07) 5531 1421, VMR 440 Coast Guard Southport, Frequencies monitored VHF 73,21,22,67,81,82,and 16
Medical conditions Please advise leaders if you have health issues or injuries that may affect participation (eg asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, allergies, epilepsy, etc)
Map Launch Point Car Park - Anglers Esplanade (cnr Jennifer Avenue) Biggera Waters
Map of paddle route
Registration info Please register your interest with Martin by email (first come first served). Please include
  1. if you have transport (and how many extra people you could take)
  2. if you have roof racks for kayaks (and how many you could take).
  3. if you have a tow bar and are able to tow a trailer
  4. your contact number (sometimes there is no time for emails)
  5. if you have not kayaked with the organisers before, please give some indication of your skills level to assist planning. It will not be fun if you are not up to it.
  6. if you have previously demonstrated a wet exit and T-rescue in sea kayaks while a club member, or if you still need to do this.
Register by 29th Jan
Bad weather alternative This is the bad weather alternative (the planned trip was to Peel island)
  • Wear and tear contribution for club gear.
  • Petrol money for your driver.
  • Camping fees are about $12.50 depending on numbers so bring some change as well.
  • Contribution to the trailer tower for extra petrol.
  • A few extra dollars in case of dinner, coffee stop, or unplanned ferry trip and/or expenses.